Are Auras Real?


Are auras real? Do we all have them? Can you learn to see them and utilize them? If so, how?

—Paige, US


Dear Paige,

Yes, auras are very real! Your aura is an electromagnetic field of energy all around your body. It radiates subtle light outward from a central core of energy within us – this is called the astral spine/chakra system. And there are machines now which will easily photograph and measure one’s aura.

Yes, we all have them, as do all living things and to some extent, even non-living things like special places or objects of devotion.

And yes, some people can see them without effort, but it is possible to learn techniques to increase your ability to perceive them. Still it would be important to ask yourself this question first: “Why do I want to learn to see auras?” If you are guided inwardly to develop your ability to see auras in order to help people, perhaps in some sort of healing setting, then that might be a worthy goal. But you have to be very careful about getting your ego involved – thinking things like: “Wow, how amazing that I can see auras and most people can’t. Aren’t I great?!” An ego trap!

As we advance spiritually, this “talent” along with many others will start to develop within us very naturally. It is probably best to let these things come as they will and not to force them too much. Better to focus on prayer, meditation, and developing positive attitudes in daily life.

This is a very large subject and much has been written on it. I will send you, by private e-mail, some of the handouts I have put together for classes I have given about auras. Perhaps they will be of further help to you in understanding this fascinating subject.