Finding My Inner Vocation


Hi there,

I am struggling to find my inner vocation that suits me. I thought studying was what I wanted to do. I moved to a new place, gave up my job and became a full-time student. Now I want to try this other path and I am unsure if it is what I really want, since my last endeavor was something I wanted to try out, I am afraid to make a new decision. I have been reading “How to Be a Success” and in my heart I am feeling a little lost on what to choose.

—Rachel, NZ


Dear Rachel,

Sometimes a way forward will “feel” right, especially if you “offer it up” in meditation and prayer. But this method of finding clarity is not always successful. It could be because the various options you are considering for your way forward do not include the “one” that is right for you. Or perhaps your own emotional preferences about what you want to do are not allowing you to have a clear feeling about what would be best.

If you can’t find clarity that way then make a choice! This may sound counter-intuitive but sometimes making a choice and taking action on your choice with the highest energy you can muster will bring the clarity you lack. Making the choice with full energy and commitment might suddenly clarify for you that the choice you made is the wrong one! Or it could be the right one. Or, as I’ve found many times in my life, the energetic commitment to action reveals that the choice I made was only one step of many in the (ultimately) right direction.

If you can find clarity in meditation and prayer, great. If you can’t, make a choice, take action with high energy. It will get you out of the mental and emotional logjam of indecision and eventually bring you to your best path.

Warm regards,
Puru (Joseph) Selbie