Keeping Company with God


Hello! I’m in third year of medical school. I have been meditating whenever I get time. But this course load is very voluminous and demands a lot of study hours. And also I spend a lot of time in college. This has made me to slowly lose grip of meditation and spirituality. I’ve tried to dedicate my actions to God but I eventually fall back to the materialistic environment of college. Could you please suggest a way for me to balance both studies and spirituality? Thank you. God bless.

—Sumukh Hegde, India


Dear Sumukh,

I have a close devotee friend who went through medical school and a crazy-making first year residency. It was a big challenge for him also to keep his grip on meditation and spirituality. I think the most important thing was that he did the best he could. He never gave up even when he was overwhelmed. There is a saying, “God watches the heart.” Even if you can’t find much time to meditate, and are surrounded by a busy environment, keep the goal in your heart. Practice patience. In future your situation will no doubt change for the better.

On a practical level you you could try to develop the habit of singing devotional chants whenever you get a chance. Once you’ve sung a chant it tends to stay in your mind and come floating back even as you do other things. Put some reminders around where you will see them: devotional pictures, uplifting sayings, spiritual books. Even just a glimpse of them can help you remember your inner goal. And, of course, meditate and seek satsang whenever you can, even if it is just for a few minutes.

Don’t lose hope. Your situation is temporary even though it seems like it will last forever. It too will pass. Keep God’s presence in your heart, if only to say hello. Think of God as a continuous silent partner in everything you are doing.

Warm regards,
Puru (Joseph) Selbie