What is True Friendship?


Friendship is the universal spiritual attraction which unites souls in bonds of divine love. If you open the door to the magnetic power of friendship, souls of like vibrations will be attracted to you. Friendship is a manifestation of God’s love for you, expressed through your friends, who constitute the richest possessions a human being can have.

Friendship is the purest of all love. In the love of parents for their children there is compulsion. In filial love there is compulsion. In the love of lovers there is compulsion. In true friendship there is no compulsion. Love is expressed in usefulness. If you want to show your love for friends, you must be useful to them. Why do we all love Jesus? Because He was useful to us as no one else ever was.

The law of vibration states that you attract those who are like you.  Friendship is eternal. If you can form a friendship through which God is awakened within you — that is the greatest of all friendships.

True friendship lies in seeking soul progress together. Friendship must never have a material end in view, or any object to be gained.  The building of spiritual understanding by mutual effort alone can bind two souls in universal divine love, which has its foundation in service, and is unconditional and everlasting. Friendship is an ever-increasing consciousness of equality and the blending of souls without any physical relationship.

Be a friend to enemies
You must be a friend even to your enemy. Why? If you become an enemy to your enemy, you will increase his wrath and make him an even greater enemy. Hatred travels through the ether. Any person who tries to injure others, first injures himself. You cannot hate others without first poisoning yourself. To hate anyone is to go against your own interest.

Remember, God is in your enemy just as much as in your friend. When you recognize God both in those who love you and in those who hate you, when you can see the all-pervading love of God — then you will realize His omnipresence.

If someone is broadcasting hatred, and you are tuned to that hatred, you will receive it. But if you are always tuned to love, no matter how many hateful vibrations are sent, you will not receive them. You must cultivate love in your heart, for love is the magnet that draws souls to you, and it is also the dagger that kills hatred.

If you seek to be a true friend, you must recognize and experience the soul. When you know yourself to be a soul, you then can be a perfect friend to others. If you fail to be friendly, you disregard the divine law of self-expansion by which alone your soul can grow into Spirit. By being true to yourself and a true friend to others, you gain the friendship of God.

Through perfected divine friendship, each mutually seeking spiritual perfection, you will find the one Great Friend. Friendship is God’s trumpet call, bidding the soul to destroy the walls which separate it from other souls, and from Him.

From Inner Culture, March 1940.