What puzzles me is that with all the truths that enlightened holy men have, why have they not done something about this war (WWII)?


The nations of the world create war or desist from it, according to their understanding and the quality of their civilizations. War among nations shows that civilization is imperfect and that various nations are misusing their free choice by using brute force to solve problems, instead of parliaments of mutual discussion.

Since God, as the Creator of the universe, has given all individuals the free choice to think on their own and to initiate their own actions, God does not interfere with individual freedom. Similarly, since God, has given the nations of the world the freedom to pursue peace or war, He does not interfere with the freedom of nations when they choose war.

A mother tells her grownup child, “Son, now that you are a grown man, I free you from my discipline and the imposition of my will. You must go out in the world, get your own hard knocks, and learn from your mistakes how to use your freedom of choice in the right way.” If her son then goes out into the world and becomes engrossed in evil, the mother cannot try to force him to be good.

Likewise, God and the holy men filled with divine power do not use their power to punish the wrong-doers in these wars. If God were to do this, He would nullify His endowment of free choice to His children. The power of human beings to act freely would become meaningless.

When I first entered the spiritual path, my understanding rebelled against the injustices of the world. Later, as I attuned my wishes with God in meditation, I began to understand the apparent incongruities in life. The most puzzling problems of life were explained to me from within.

Always remember: God is the Author of this cosmic drama. Only devotees who are in tune with God are allowed to read the final act of the cosmic play, in which all the mysteries of life and death are solved. Only those who are in tune with God are in a position to know the cosmic plan and the divine will for individuals and nations.

I have witnessed the many wonderful powers of the holy men of India. When I asked them why they didn’t use their power to stop certain evils in the world, they replied, “When you are in tune with God and He allows you to understand His cosmic plan, you will behave exactly as we are doing.”

From Inner Culture, May 1940.