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When Medicines Don’t Cure

Dear Suvi, I’m sorry to hear of the loss of your brother and hold you and his soul in my prayers. 1) Why does the body fail to respond to medical treatment? Alcohol is a very potent toxin. It robs ... Read More

Goal of Meditation & Transformational Medicine

Dear Dr. Rao, 1) The goal of meditation is inner communion with the Creator of us all. Stillness of mind and all thoughts is important as well as relaxation of the body. One often feels peace and calmness as the ... Read More

Stay or Leave

Hi Filipa, As a devotee, the most important question is what relationships will bring you closer to God or be of service to God? Meditate and become still within your heart and mind to hear the response in your heart ... Read More

Family Karma

Dear Pat, You ask if you need to subject yourselves and your children to negative and harmful parental attitudes and behaviors toward you and your family. What do you think? What do you hope will be the lasting memories, impressions ... Read More

Discrimination or Judgement?

Dear Carina, These words are very similar and can be used interchangeably in many contexts. The online dictionaries are helpful with these nuances. I understand discrimination to be intuitive and judgement to be more of a rational process. In the ... Read More

Mantra for self love

Hello Kristian, I suggest you try the mantra, “I love my highest self”. Your highest self is beyond ego and is filled with compassion and love for all. You are simply an instrument for the Divine to flow through to ... Read More

Food for Healthy Body, Mind and Soul

Dear Daniel, It’s wise of you to recognize that processed white bread with instant coffee or tea is not a nourishing meal. Having the eggs scrambled with a little skim cheese and some sauteed vegetables can be a healthful start. ... Read More

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