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How Can We Feel Divine Mother’s Love?

Dear Shrey, I apologize for not writing sooner. I have been in Italy for Swami Kriyananda’s memorial service. We are Divine Mother’s children. A devotee of Yogananda was being scolded by an advanced disciple of Yogananda, whose name was Durga ... Read More

Does Our Meditation Practice Benefit Others?

Dear Maia, Greetings! The practice of meditation is the most positive act mankind can do for oneself, others and the planet. By actively making the deep inner connection to the Divine Source of all life, we generate a magnetism of ... Read More

How to Be at Ease with People

Dear Rekha, Do you meditate? Meditation is a wonderful for helping with exactly this issue. It helps you to actually feel other people at their center – in other words, what it feels like to be “in their shoes.” Meditation ... Read More

What is the Procedure for Offering Our Acts to God?

Dear Sharmila, Karma yoga is the practice of offering one’s daily actions to God. Since I was just reading The Art and Science of Raja Yoga by Swami Kriyananda, I offer his words on your question: Everyone engages in mere ... Read More

Agitated After Meditation Practice

That is good that your breath slows down and becomes deeper as you meditate; that is exactly what should happen and indicates you are relaxing into your practice. As far as feeling agitated and even having angry feelings after your ... Read More

Did Master Speak of Teresa of Avila?

Dear Jim, Master said that it would be good to study the lives of Saint Francis and Teresa of Avila, because they were saints that were “in tune with this ray” of Self-Realization brought by the five Gurus of this ... Read More

Head Position During Meditation

Dear Srividya, This is a very common occurrance in meditation. The effort to gaze into the spiritual eye becomes so intense that the neck bends backwards as the head lifts up. The problem with this is that it creates tension ... Read More

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