How to Be at Ease with People



My husband has recently started mingling with people and he feels anxious and as they are working/studying with him he wants everything to go right. I feel like mostly strangers are cold in the first instance and would want to know how can I spiritually overcome this feeling and meet all kinds of people with compassion. At the same time how can I help my husband ? Kindly guide me.

Thank you

—Rekha, India


Dear Rekha,

Do you meditate? Meditation is a wonderful for helping with exactly this issue.

It helps you to actually feel other people at their center – in other words, what it feels like to be “in their shoes.” Meditation helps you know also that who you are in your heart is the same as others. We are all seeking happiness, and to avoid pain.

It also helps to start a practice of thinking of others – thinking of everyone in the world as our friend. In teaching or leading others, meditation helps us to talk with them and not at them or to them. In this way, everyone can relax and be themselves.

Practicing compassion is the same thing. We stop thinking so much about what others think of us, and train ourselves to simply be kind and warm even if others don’t respond as we would like them to!

As the saying goes, God watches the heart. Be sincere and kind and the rest will take care of itself.

Blessings to you,