Did Master Speak of Teresa of Avila?


Hello, did master ever write or speak of St.Teresa of Avila?

—jim, usa


Dear Jim,

Master said that it would be good to study the lives of Saint Francis and Teresa of Avila, because they were saints that were “in tune with this ray” of Self-Realization brought by the five Gurus of this path.

With respect to Teresa of Avila, her humor, devotion, and naturalness feels like another window onto the vibration of Yogananda. Her sights were on infinite bliss through Jesus, as her guru and friend. In so many ways, including her selfless service, wisdom and ever-kind natural candor, she exemplified how to live on the spiritual path.

I recommend highly the book, Teresa of Avila by Marcelle Auclair. I believe it is out of print but available on Amazon.

Blessings and Joy,