while meditating i concentrate on my breath. i feel it slows down and i take deeper breaths as i spend more time on the practice. i guess this is ok?

also i feel less complacent and more angry after my meditation. why is this so? things that i may normally except(which are not right) make me angry. am i doing it right?

please do reply.

deepest regards

—minismom, USA


That is good that your breath slows down and becomes deeper as you meditate; that is exactly what should happen and indicates you are relaxing into your practice.

As far as feeling agitated and even having angry feelings after your practice, that is natural too!

Why Do I Feel Angry After Meditation?

Before we start the practice of meditation, and slowing down the breath and thus the mind, our thoughts and feelings are quite used to being very restless.

A restless mind, for example, may react negatively toward a co-worker or spouse, but quickly distract itself rather than having to feel unpleasant feelings. Multiply this by all the experiences that bombard us during the day and there is a lot of restlessness going on just behind our conscious mind. Using the example of the ocean we are living at the surface experiencing all the tumultuous waves.

When we begin to meditate, we slow things down and begin to dive under the surface to the calm waters below. To get there we often have to interact with a bit of negativity that has been living just below the surface causing the waves.

When I first began meditating, I saw how many negative, judgemental thoughts I was covering up with a pleasant face!

It was quite alarming at first. But when I slowed down the mind during meditation, as thoughts or unsettled feelings would rise, I got used to just letting them go. I wasn’t avoiding them, just simply acknowledging them and letting them pass.

I realized that meditation was also going to involve developing a healthy self-honesty, and to look at my state of mind such as it was.

The good news is, the more you practice, the more you tune into the wonderful peaceful, loving and joyful feelings that are there and you begin to see that is who you are, not the negative thought habits.

Hope that helps.

In Joy,

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