How Can We Feel Divine Mother’s Love?


How do we should create a balance in our material and spiritual life , inside and outside? and if Divine mother has a nature to bestow completely and always upon us , then why sometimes we fail to feel Her love within us when we get too busy with life? How do i develop more devotion in my heart so i can let Her work through me ?

—Shrey, India


Dear Shrey,

I apologize for not writing sooner. I have been in Italy for Swami Kriyananda’s memorial service.

We are Divine Mother’s children. A devotee of Yogananda was being scolded by an advanced disciple of Yogananda, whose name was Durga Mata. Durga Mata, who tried always to be a clear channel for Yogananda, said to the devotee, “why don’t you let me help you?”

To which the disciple replied “I thought I was supposed to do everything myself”

Even though we want to commune with Divine Mother, and we know we are Her children, our minds are just simply too restless. We worry too much, we are afraid to fail, to be alone, we can be very complicated!

But God is simple. He loves us completely, because He is us!

It is a matter of changing our thoughts. Restless thoughts that make it difficult to feel Her presence are fear, worry, hopelessness, lonliness, etc. Calm thoughts that draw Her near are Love, Compassion, Happiness, Joy….When we can see the moments of our lives, with joy, love, compassion, we are reunited with our Beloved. One spark of kindness can lead to a bonfire of devotion!

We are communing with our own Cosmic Beloved, not an abstract mental state.The Bhagavad Gita says, “To him who offers Me even a flower or a leaf with devotion, I Myself come and receive his offering.”

We have to train our thoughts to offer only those that are pleasing to God. Eventually we get so good at it, we are communing with the Beloved all the time. It all starts with a single spark of sweetness.

Blessings to you,

Nayaswami Sabari