Hi all — wanted to share with you all the songs that we’ve recorded so far that will be a part of Swami Kriyananda’s Bhagavad Gita TV shows in production. We’ll start you off with “Brave Were the People”, one of the first we recorded.

“Come Gather Round”:


“There’s Joy in the Heavens”:

“What Is Love?”:

“Well Done, Lord!”:

“Blessed the Life”:

“God’s Call Within”:

“If You’re Seeking Freedom”:

“I Wander With Thee”:


Here is a set featuring the Joy Singers from Los Angeles:

“Hello There, Brother Bluebell”:

“The Philosopher and the Boatman”

“In the Temple of Isis”:

“Where Has My Love Gone?”:


Here are two featuring the gifted voice of Aaron Atwell:

“Love Is a Magician”:

“Life Flows On Like a River”:

And for the upcoming Christmas Season:

“The Christmas Mystery”:

“That Night When Christ Was Born”:

“Looking for a Friend”:

“The Temptation of Christ”:

“Lift Your Hearts”:

“Thy Light Within Us Shining”:

And finally a few more to round out the collection:


“Life Is a Dream”:

An excerpt from “Life Mantra”:


“Little Kathy”:

“Song of the Nightingale”:

“What Is It For?”:

“Free At Last” from The Peace Treaty:

“Cherish These”:


  1. Its really nice to be able to listen to these songs.Thank you!

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