This weekend we celebrated Swami Kriyananda’s 61st year of discipleship to Paramhansa Yogananda. It was a very colorful weekend filled with beautiful blue skies, sunsets, flowers, and altars. Fall is in the air here, still a little warm during the day, but cools off a bit at night. The angle of the sun highlighted the golden grasses and gave dimension to the trees. The breeze gave us gorgeous clouds.

Most importantly, the weekend was filled with spiritual depth. I could feel the sincerity of all my gurubhais, the ones here at Ananda Village and all over the world. In fact, thanks to modern technology and a few dedicated souls (Kent and Dave) a live feed allowed people to watch Swamiji’s talks and Sunday Service as they happened.

Swamiji’s talks were very powerful and inspiring. They are always joyful and sometimes punctuated with humorous stories and laughter. Those are the times that I generally snap a photo so as not to be disruptive with my camera. The smiles that I capture illustrate the overall joy that is in the air. But often, Swamiji’s talks are very serious and heartfelt, where he encourages us to waste no more time — he wants us to find God in this lifetime. He had many stories of his time with Yogananda, some with details I had never heard before. The talks will be on soon and I know you will like them.

The weekend also included beautiful music and readings from The New Path. The still air of an Expanding Light evening means the music wafts up into the trees, hills and heavens. Amazing.

Like most people, after a beautiful spiritual retreat (one that happens in my neighborhood) I have to return to work. But I return with a renewed commitment to keep God upper most in my thoughts, or at least to dedicate my projects to Him, and express gratitude for the energy that flows through me and into my work.

The next public event we can all look forward to is Swami Kriyananda’s talk “My Life with Paramhansa Yogananda,” at the Ford Theater in Los Angeles. I have seen the theater in pictures and it will be a beautiful venue. I am planning to be there with my husband, Dave. Hopefully, we will have lots to share with you.

In the meantime, I hope you feel bliss and peace in your lives and hearts.
Love, from Ananda (and Barbara)


The choir surprised Swamiji and tossed rose petals to honor his 61 years of discipleship.


It was a stunning evening of color and beautiful music.


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