Dear Friends,

We send our loving thoughts and prayers that you are finding strength and inner guidance to deal with the challenges that are facing us now with the spread of the coronavirus. In times like these, the greatest gifts from our Masters are the inner peace of meditation, their guidance about right attitudes, and their grace to protect us. Yoganandaji said:

The world will always have turmoil and trouble. What are you worried about? Go where the Masters have gone, to the shelter of God, whence they are watching and helping the world. You shall have safety forever, not only for yourself but for all those loved ones who have been entrusted to your care by our Lord and Father.

We also want to let you know about all the things Ananda Worldwide is doing both to serve and protect our members.

What Ananda Is Doing

  1. All of our temples, teaching centers, and meditation groups in the United States are now closed, as are The Expanding Light Retreat and the Ananda Meditation Retreat.
  2. This is also true in Assisi, Italy, and in most of our centers in India.
  3. We are offering all scheduled events such as Sunday services and classes online.  We are also adding many new satsangs and offerings daily to support you and sharing a comprehensive list of events from around the world. Please check  or the website in your local area.
  4. We will be opening up a new online community, free of charge, to anyone interested in joining. Here you will be able to find daily inspirational and practical tips from our members around the world. Look for more information soon in your email or on

10. On Thursday, March 26, Ananda will launch a worldwide campaign for global healing called Be a Warrior for the Light. Each Thursday from then on at 8am PDT, 4pm in Italy, and 8:30pm in India, there will be a shared 20-minute broadcast that includes an opening prayer, brief discourse, meditation, group affirmation, visualization, and closing prayer. It will be led by Ananda leaders from around the world.

11. Through our Virtual Community, we will be posting a selection of chants you can listen to during this time.

What You Can Do

  1. Be informed about the nature of the spread of this virus, and take precautions to protect yourself and your loved ones. We encourage you to watch a video with Dr. Peter Van Houten , in which he gives a thorough explanation of these points. He recommends such things as social distancing, “sheltering in place” if you are 65 or older, wearing gloves and masks in public if you have them, and canceling all nonessential local trips or travel. This disease is very easily spread, and the countries that have put strong sequestering in place have contained it.
  2. Keep your meditation practice strong and keep to a regular schedule if possible.
  3. Reach out remotely to support others in need, through phone calls, Skypes, etc. Swami Kriyananda once said, “The best thing to do in troubled times is to learn to love heroically.”
  4. Join Ananda’s Healing Prayer Council and pray for others daily.Pray for the world to find healing and unity.Join us for our weekly worldwide prayer sessions mentioned above on Thursdays starting March 26. Here is the prayer/affirmation we will be using together. Practice it on your own as well:

    God’s light is within me and around me. With the sword of faith in my hand, with the love of God in my heart, I am a warrior of light. I join my brothers and sisters everywhere to overcome fear with faith, hatred with love, and disease with health. Let us fill the world with God’s light.

  5. Finally, deepen your connection with God and Guru. They are the source of our strength, and it is through their grace that humanity will go forward into a time of peace, harmony, well-being, and higher consciousness.

Many blessings to you in this challenging time. Our prayers are with you.

In Divine Friendship,
Nayaswami Jyotish and Nayaswami Devi


  1. hi. Do you have a link to the virtual community? Thanks so much for all you are doing many prayers and blessings

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