Wow. What a week! Spiritual Renewal Week 2008 was probably the biggest event we have ever had.
We had hundreds of guests at the village and The Expanding Light and we must have had hundreds of people helping put on the events. It was quite amazing how everything came together, it is true: Many Hands Make a Miracle.
I don’t think it is at all possible to list everyone that deserves thanks for contributing toward this week of bliss because it would include everyone!
The week concluded with an Indian Banquet in The Expanding Light Piazza. We got to dress up in our Indian outfits and relax and visit with our friends.
We we served delicious Indian food and beverages. We had a few songs from the choir and soloists that left most of us in tears. Dambara from Palo Alto sang the first song Swamiji wrote, Farther Away than the Stars. Aaron sang Swamiji’s latest song, Love is a Magician.

It got dark, so I wasn’t able get a photo of Swamiji speaking. He spoke briefly but, very sincerely about his life of discipleship. srw-06.jpgJust before that Sri Kaarthikeyan spoke. He is a close friend of Swamiji’s and spent the week visiting our homes and businesses. Everyone who had the pleasure of spending time with Sri Kaarthikeyan this week felt honored by is visit and his friendship. srw-07.jpgDuring his talk he stated that Ananda, with its joy and harmony, is a true miracle….

The week concluded with Sunday Service. Unfortunately, Swamiji wasn’t feeling well and could not give the service.
Jyotish and Devi gave the service which was so beautiful. At this moment, I can’t even remember what they said (it will be on the web soon) but it was such a fitting end to the week. My husband and I looked at each other and we both admitted to feeling transformed.
The service ended with sending out waves of blessing into the world. There were lots of hugs afterward as we all prepared to head out and back into our daily life. And even here, (as Jyotish said) we have to return to daily life and the challenge is how to keep the inspiration of this week with us always.
Bharat quoted someone’s prayer in his talk. It was “Lord, bless me that if I forget you, you won’t forget me.” It is so simple and humble and sweet.
The devotion and inspiration that we have all shared this week, whether we were here or tuning in from around the world, will bless us over and over. And if we forget God in our daily life all we have to do is to stop and remember that our Guru, Paramhansa Yogananda, loves us and he won’t forget us.

Celebrations at Ananda will continue through September when we honor Swami Kriyananda’s 60th year as a disciple of our Guru.

Please pray for Swamiji, visualize him in light, see him strong and vital as he continues to share his bliss with all of us.

Bless you all!

P.S. To see more photos click here.