Swami Kriyananda’s visit to America this summer was in many ways groundbreaking.

The sheer number of projects he completed, and the thousands of people he reached through lectures, radio interviews, YouTube videos and other talks posted on the Internet, was unprecedented. Most important of all, the spiritual power he radiated was like a carrier wave that changed lives.

“Spiritual Power” is a concept so misunderstood that people often shy away from it. Yet God’s power lies hidden within each of us enlivening all we do. This power also gives the ability, as Paramhansa Yogananda put it, “to stand unshaken amidst the crash of breaking worlds.”

Will we need the strength to face “the crash of breaking worlds” in our lifetime?

Swami Kriyananda talks about this in a chapter called, “A Vision of the Future,” in a new book he’s writing:

Now that we are over one hundred years into the ascending Dwapara Yuga of energy, will our future be smoother and brighter? I’d like to think so. Unfortunately, but realistically, the signs point at least to an immediate future that seems neither smooth nor bright.

The constricting attitudes of Kali Yuga … are all still present, militating against the more fluid rays of Dwapara. As nature, according to science, never makes sudden leaps, so also human consciousness moves gradually, only, to new levels of understanding.

There comes a time, however, as the stresses between two opposing points of view build, when something snaps.

So we find ourselves in a time when the dogmatic consciousness of Kali Yuga is resistant to, yet energized by, the increasing energy of Dwapara Yuga, creating conflict and turmoil.

How can we build spiritual power to deal with what may lie ahead? Here are some tools:

1. Channel Today’s Heightened Energy In Positive Ways

Consciously tap into this energy to increase your strength on all levels. Make a more intense effort to go deep in meditation. Bring greater mental focus to your work. Work more diligently on your physical health through right living, eating, and exercise.

In these ways you can transform yourself and overcome any sense of weakness or limitation.

2. Evaluate the Strength of Your Adversary

Whenever you meet a challenge, try to feel the amount of force opposing you.

Don’t wilt or turn away despondently, but exert an even greater amount of positive energy to overcome the test. Meet it head on with confidence in your own strength, and you’ll emerge victorious.

3. Never Allow Tests to Make You Self-Preoccupied

No matter how you are tested, don’t contract into yourself. Self-preoccupation is the cause of most of our suffering. Keep your consciousness expanded in service to others and in love for God.

Find ways to help others, and you will forget your own troubles as you grow in strength.

4. Think “God Is the Doer”

Whatever power you may feel within yourself, remember that it is God’s power, then give it back to Him.

You will find your inner strength increasing when untainted by the ego-principle. This is the secret of Swami Kriyananda’s accomplishments.

When we know that God is flowing through us, enlivening all we do, our ability to serve as His channel becomes unlimited. Spiritual power and the strength to overcome all challenges — these are ours when we realize our unity with God.

May we be one in the Light,

Jyotish and Devi


  1. From “Scientific Healing Affirmations:” Affirm…
    1. I know that God’s Power is limitless; and as I am made in His image I too have the power to overcome all obstacles. 2. I possess the creative Power of Spirit. I am in contact with Infinite Intelligence which will guide me and solve every problem. 3. God is my own inexhaustible Divine Bank. I am always rich for I have access to the Divine Storehouse. 4. I am God’s child (son/daughter). What He has I have. The Sunshine of His Prosperity has just burst through the dark sky of my limitation. 6. I will go forth in perfect faith in the Power of Omnipresent Good to bring me what I need at the time I need it. – Jai Guru –

  2. I agree fully with your letter.

    For I am on -going with the Allmighty, for years now.
    The perhaps lack of success is only myselve to blame

    For how inperfect I still am at too many occasions.
    But, as the desertfathers said: “only keep going”

    laudetur Jesus Christus


  3. Thank you for these letters. They are always filled with new inspiration and guidance. I thank the beloved Father/Mother/ Divine Source for the love and wisdom of Yogananda, Kriyananda, the two of you, and so many others at Ananda who daily fill my life to the fullest. Many blessings to each of you.

  4. Very much obliged to you for your appropriate spiritual guidance. Recently I have become aware of some divine and angelic guidance when I need one. It’s quite mysterious but it is true. I know this religious activity never interferes in any other religion, as they do in the world, but transcends them all, leading to the Absolute. In Japan there is a specific person who has nothing to do with your fellowship but seems to have a similar mission. Japanese people have their own way of religion and revere their ancesters in their own way but often in the wrong way. He tries his best to guide the people from their ignorant worship. I can agree with him. I can agree with both you and him. I’ll try my best to follow your way.

  5. With much Gratitude for these letters ….. the words are clear and full of inspiration and Truth that help us to focus on God’s Presence more and more. Thank You, Jyotish and Devi.

  6. Dear Jyotish and Devi, Much gratitude for your letter, which inspires hope with concrete ideas not only for survival – but much more importantly – for spiritual liberation. Sherwood and I will be coming up to the Expanding Light on Thanksgiving, and we are bursting with enthusiasm, knowing we will see you all soon!
    Peace & Blessings, Gayle

  7. Dear Jytotish and Devi ,Thank You for letter.It is great feeling,fill with inspiration n guidance.I am grateful to Devine source n two of you.Peace n Blessing, pradip

  8. With Trust , Love n Conviction in Divine , We flow n merge in Oneness ! We are truly blessed and grateful for guidance and direction . THANKS! Look forward to be with you both in India (Gurgaon n Pune )

  9. Once again and again and again, the exact thoughts/words that I need to hear come to me through your beautiful spirits. It is winter, grey and cold, the time of year when my Joy seems to lessen: Then I receive, free of charge, the Joy that I receive when I am within the community of Ananda, through your internet communication. I am not a huge advocate of the Internet, so called technological progress, but as many time as I have received the blessing from reading the thoughts / words you share with me and other souls at just the right time, I just want to thank you again for keeping me focused on my desire for truth even with the miles of separation. Cold, rainy, grey, expectations of the holidays, and you brought me back to my truth and my focus. Thank you many times over. It is easier for me when I feel connected to blessed souls. Joy to you and to me.

  10. How can I thank Almighty that he let me get associated with Ananda Sangha which every of and on keep me going by inspiring me with these thoughts and teachings of Great Gurus. Whenever, I feel exhausted or have low energy, I receive these type of letters and again I become energized and confident. All the people know these truths sub-consciously but forget it in their daily routine that how much mental and sipritual strength they carry inside. These letters remind us all of these truths.

    Thank you so much. God and Guru bless us all.

  11. In the rare times I get to actually see and be with you both I am touched by your gentle but powerful spiritual presence. It is a privilege and a blessing to “hear” your voices through these letters. Gai Guru

  12. Hi, you’re letters are always a ray of light. I would hope however that the increased energy between the change from Kali Yuga to Dwapara Yuga and its potential for conflict and turmoil were significanlty spent during the early to mid 20th Century during the first and second world wars, the intermittent Spanish Flu, and the subsequent Stalinist and Maoist massacres. Never in our whole recorded history have so many suffered and died during the same short span of time. During the last few years, whilst many of our countries have been involved in some deadly conflicts, we must also look with optimism to the opening up of former communist regimes such as Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union – even China is opening its doors. I would hope that the potential for turmoil and conflict has subsided somewhat at a national scale and is now on a lower incline than the 20th Century. Whilst Africa is still a cauldron, I would hope that the positive energy we can generate through ourselves and in our Western nations, can trickle through to influence change with those most affected. I think the potential for turmoil and confilect will be within ourselves. With the huge proliferation and availability of information via the internet etc., we are face with more choices – we must work with God to make the right choices. Peace and Joy.

  13. What remarkably good advice. I especially like point number one because it stresses the importance of balance in order to be able to manifest this heightened energy pulsing through the planet now. Through meditation I am able to recognize the true joy of oneness which then I carry through in activity. Everything becomes effortless (especially meditation!) when you let joy be your engine. Blessings.

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