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We are all faced with the challenge of constantly fine-tuning our spiritual practices to keep them inspiring, fun and joyful. Here is a note from a fellow tither that has realized through experience how to keep the spirit of joy in tithing:

“Several years ago I began to pray sincerely about the issue of tithing. This solution came to me: For me to give a tenth of my income would mean I could not meet my basic bills; so I began with a percentage I could sensibly manage. Every year I joyfully increase the percentage by a sustainable increment. My ‘Day of Increase’ has become a special occasion in which I celebrate with Divine Mother. I offer flowers, sing, and give thanks to Her strength and the wisdom of making small, sustainable steps.” – Blessings to you, B.P.

Expand your heart by seeking God’s presence in everyone during this New Year. Tithing will help expand your heart and help you to feel God’s living presence within.

“To attract abundance in your life, see money as a flow of energy, not as a static quantity. See life in the same way: as a flowing river, not as fixed patterns of behavior. Leave your ego on the bank, and enter the stream of cosmic awareness. There are no limits to how much of life’s abundance can be yours, if you will plunge into the divine current and swim there joyously.” – Nayaswami Kriyananda – Living Wisely, Living Well

If tithing is not yet a regular spiritual practice for you, experiment with it by giving a percentage you feel comfortable with. Try to feel how much gratitude you have in your heart for all that God has brought you. Give with that intense feeling of gratitude. Listen to your inner guidance. Do you feel more joy? It might take some time, just like learning to meditate. Keep trying. It’s worth the effort. Experience the joy of tithing.

Dave Bingham

For Ananda’s “Thank You, God” Tithing


  1. Thanks Dave! Tithing is one of the most expansive practices we have on the spiritual path as it helps us have the consciousness of God is the Doer and all is God. How liberating!

  2. I first became aware of the notion of Tithing around the time when approached by an orphanage to contribute money to their needs. Their letter described many of the hardships the kids had gone through. Although I felt sympathy I thought my needs weren’t secure and safe yet so I resisted. Around the third time I received a letter from them I realized I was never going to feel like I had enough and it was time to start giving anyway. It takes faith and courage to give but it is well worth it, where through my own gratitude and generosity, I have come to feel there is enough. Without this experience, I would never have experienced a sense of there being enough.

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