This elegant building is the Church of the Recessional. It is framed by clouds that are lit up by the city lights of Los Angeles.

The courtyard was warmly lit and the open doors welcome guests who came to hear Swami Kriyananda’s Oratorio—Christ Lives.

Fifty-four dedicated people travelled literally from the world over to sing and play the incredible music that depicts the life of Christ. Their voices were angelic and projected into every heart.

The setting, the architecture, the colorful choir clothing, the radiant smiles meant I could have happily taken beautiful photos all night long. But this concert is my favorite. It is what I anticipate to help me to begin to prepare my heart for the Christmas season. I wasn’t disappointed. I felt transported and through the words, which I know almost by heart now, I was able to visualize the life of Jesus and feel his power and divine love.

It was obvious Swamiji was very pleased with the Oratorio. The choir and small orchestra was led by David Eby. He inspires in such a loving way, deep and wonderful performances from the singers and the musicians.

After the concert, David walked arm-in-arm with Swamiji down the aisle and to Swamiji’s car. It was a very sweet end to the evening.

Swamiji meditated in the Holy Land, in the areas where Christ walked, then was inspired to write the music. It is a great gift to us that this music exists. It can carry us into the power of this season.

The next day, Sunday, was also very special, and again filled with music. David, Peter, Ramesha, and Christian led us in wonderful chanting. The choir also sang more Christmas songs. Besides the Oratorio, Swamiji has written two Christmas songs that I love. The large choir was assembled in the side room at the ashram and filled the house with blissful music.

The Sunday morning satsang was well attended and well enjoyed. Swamiji spoke and answered questions from the audience.

After the talk, there was a small fundraising luncheon. It was a delightful way to spend the afternoon with lovely food and company, Swamiji spoke again and then left to prepare for his well-deserved vacation. His time in LA has been filled with activity, interviews, and classes.

There is incredible work being done in Los Angeles, with a team of bright souls ready to carry Paramhansa Yogananda’s techniques of soul liberation to all the incredible people in Southern California. I thoroughly enjoyed the visit. Thank you, SoCal!!


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    Beautiful night pictures Barbara!
    Thank you for sharing your photos as always.

  2. Nice pics!! This was a really wonderful workout.

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