Floor tile goes in on the interior.

Floor tile goes in on the interior.

Interior finishes continue to be the primary focus as the weather turns rainy at the Mandir site (yeah!). The ceiling has the final coat of paint and the walls have the base coat of color – ready to receive the faux finish next week. The final trim and painting/staining will be completed after the faux finish is completed.
The floor tile is installed in the interior and the foyer… another beautiful job by our tile men. The exterior stucco is all complete except for the final color coat, which will go on when the weather improves. Ramprashad continues with the rock walls (true tapasia) and Sudarshan has installed caps on the walls by Swami’s apartment. We keep moving forward one step at a time…. AUM.

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  1. Love paints a picture in the ether and man materializes it.
    Such beauty! Truly an expression of love . . . an expression of the Divine

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