A few weeks ago an extraordinary event took place at Ananda Village. Some 30 students from the Living Wisdom High School performed Swami Kriyananda’s musical oratorio, Christ Lives: An Oratorio, which is filled with challenging solos and complex choral pieces.

By the end of the evening there was hardly a dry eye in the house, as one student after another, filled with spiritual vibrancy and courage, stood up to perform. One first-time guest told us, “That was the most inspiring evening of my life.”betterworld25

As they sang the lyrics, “Even so all of us together can create a better land,” we were thrilled to see that the spirit of Ananda had been absorbed by the next generation. Afterward we began thinking about the lessons we’ve learned in building Ananda, and want to share some of them to help you, also, to create a better world wherever you are:

1. Clarify Your Inner Life Goals
What do you really want to accomplish in your life, and what are you actively doing to achieve those ideals? Keep your goals in focus, and try to do something every day to further your efforts. Never allow yourself to become complacent or discouraged, and never give up.

2. Improve Your Outer and Inner Environment
See objectively which people, things, and circumstances in your life are holding you back from growing spiritually. Then act on your insights. Consciously choose to be with the people and in situations that uplift you, and avoid those that pull you down. The most important things you can do are to develop a daily practice of meditation and to seek good company.

3. See Your Work As Service

No matter what you do for employment, think of what you can give to others, not only of what you’ll receive. Learn also to serve in a spirit of cooperation, not competition with your co-workers.

4. Live With Integrity Not Merely Expediency

Never compromise your principles to achieve a short-term advantage. The spirit with which you act is much more important than the outcome. And remember, the outcome of any undertaking, whether success or failure, will be greatly influenced by the consciousness behind it.

5. Include God In Everything You Do
Try to feel a higher power present behind your thoughts and actions, guiding you toward a divine purpose. Ultimately, all good done in this world comes from God, but we can consciously choose to be channels for His Light. Thus, we can become sources of upliftment to others, and will be blessed ourselves in return.

High school boysSo, like those young singers, let’s join our energy in a beautiful chorus, not of voices but of inspiration, and offer hope and upliftment to the world. Together we can bring into manifestation Paramhansa Yogananda’s prophetic words, “Today marks the birth of a new era!”

In divine friendship,

Jyotish and Devi


  1. I am not completely devoted to Kriya Yoga or anything (I don’t really know what Kriya Yoga really is) but I have such direct contact with such Saints as Paramhansa, and so many others. With this divine presence, I meditate much more easily because these teachers are helping me. I know it sounds strange but Yogananda? All you do be illogical and believe he’s really with you and he is. I really honestly with all my heart, mind, and intuition know that this is true for me. We get along pretty well. I would renounce everything – the ego, all the worldly stuff but how do I do this. How am I able to really even be with a teacher for enough quality time to really make the progress that we are thinking about. That’s a question that I’ve held within me until now. Thank you very much – I am with God and I have a lot of love and awareness. I am very much a part of The Church of Self-Realization. I am delighted to continue to keep Jesus in my life. I study Buddhism (Vajrayana)and in the past I was really into it and I found that I could not give up my Jesus relationship. So, things work out with this organization (and if they didn’t I’d always do it anyway). I just go and do it. I just meditate and there is so much light in the room. I do apologize for my ego here – I left it unchecked at the time of this writing! Ha! But no, I haven’t even conquered it yet (the ego).. You have all my support, love, and utter compassion at any time. Ian

    If one of you gets a chance, tell Swamiji that a young man from the Central Coast of California is not just a believer but a “knower”. Please tell him that I am extremely grateful that he is and has done what he is doing and has been doing. For such a lineage over here in the West must continue! I do hope that he has a disciple to take his place as is the case with all lineages.. This one starting with Babaji and going on to Donald.. Either way, I’m not worried. God is not so picky about the little things!

  2. The prayer-demand asking God to Be the President of the United States of the World was so inspiring, at this particular time of such worldly disturbance and polarization and small minded patriotism. “Teach us Father, to melt the fancy-frozen boundaries of family, society, and national identity with the warmth of our love and understanding”. I am inspired and shall remember this I am glad that you are using e-mail to share the blessings. J.

  3. Thanks for the kind information. I appreciate it very much. Everything that is written in it sound quite right to me. The fact is, I have little time for meditation, for someone advised me not to meditate without any proper preceptor–it would do me more harm than good. Indeed I can hardly concentrate my whole on anything important, whether keeping my eyes closed or looking upward into a point between the eyebrows, my attention always diverted by something coming up in mind. I’d rather devote myself to another good. I think it quite equivalent to my meditation–translation of ‘The Essence of Bhagavad Gita’ just for the Ananda Sangha. I read and put it into Japanese any moment when I can find time. Now I’ve come to page 406. Whenever I puzzle myself over some passage, racking my brains, I just meditate for a minute–then, and only then, some strange hand seems to be leading me to the right place.

    I’m now 79 years of age, still working parttime at high school, and help my friend with his translation. I spend every day happily with my wife, both blessed with good health. I can see nothing spiritual, but I feel something divine. Thank you again for the information. I’ll read it over again.

  4. Thanks for telling us who don’t live at Ananda Village of the wonderful evening. Could be get a CD or their inspiring and heartening performance?

  5. Your comments are wonderful, however, I share a house with a friend who is constantly in a state of despair…..her neuro pathways are so deep, she seems unable to train her mind otherwise or to do any of the things that she teaches. She is a therapist. We meditate and pray every morning and evenng together and she is a very spiritual woman, but believes wholeheartedly that she is “stuck”, so of course she is. She lives in fear.

    Any suggestions? Ann

  6. Ananda has always been an inspiration.Thank you so much for keeping me aware about the activities at Ananda.Being in touch with you seems to be just like being in touch with the spiritual self.

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