At a small gathering last week, a guest at Ananda Village asked Nayaswami Jyotish and Nayaswami Devi, “What is your favorite thing about Ananda?”

Ananda members at the gathering shared their own answers as well: “Unconditional love,” “A place where you are free to talk about God,” “Everything.”

What is your favorite thing about Ananda? — whether you connect with a community, participate in a meditation group, or visit Ananda’s websites?


  1. The unconditional love and acceptance of everyone whom I’ve gotten to know through my years of visiting Ananda.

  2. My connection to the global Ananda Sangha provides me with access to the tools, traditions, and insights necessary to transform myself through self realization. This is my “favorite” thing about Ananda.

  3. Breakfast in silence at the Expanding Light and the tears of longing and joy at feeling Krishna sitting next to me, smiling.

  4. Feeling love and the sweetness that comes from this energy, especially from the music. Like being wrapped in a warm cloak.

  5. My favourite thing about Ananda is its open hearted and joyful poeople

  6. My favorite thing about Ananda is that Ananda offers everyone the great opportunity to be our higher Self, to be real, to be utterly authentic.

  7. The continual state of upliftment people live in and strive to live in every day.

  8. There are many things I appreciate about Ananda, for example how everyone cares for one another, and you can share a problem with someone that listens to you without judgement. But above all, like other people have already stated, is the underlying joy and unconditional love in all circumstances. And that is a great blessing to witness.

  9. Divine friendship! It is deeply moving to me when we are all gathered at Ananda, whether in small or large gatherings– and I can look around the room and feel the devotion to God and this way of life.

    And from this place of love for God, people so effortlessly and beautifully share that love for God in others, building divine friendship — in truth and in kindness.

    “In this, our perfect love, may we find, the perfect love of God.”
    -Love Perfected, Live Divine by Swami Kriyananda

  10. My favorite thing about ananda is the deep spiritual sincerity that I feel that is behind everything that is done.

    Also, I have never seen so many happy people in such small concentrated area!

  11. My favorite thing about Ananda is the deep presence of Paramhansa Yogananda and the constant service rendered by its members, sharing one goal: Sharing the Love of Yoganandaji to all that cross our path.

  12. You can read about spirituality in a book, but when you actually live it daily with others who are doing the same, everyone is uplifted! This is my favorite thing about Ananda.

  13. I never thought life could be so meaningful. Being part of Ananda has shown me the potential of what a full life can be. A life lived for God.

  14. My favourite thing about Ananda is the environment it provides for supporting people’s devotion and their highest spiritual aspirations. There’s no place like Ananda!

  15. I love the Kriya Yoga ceremonies the most because they remind me why I am here on this planet and to remain focused on my goal of merging with God and all of our Great Masters.

  16. I appreciate living in a place where everyone is trying to live their own highest versions, while giving others the space to figure out what that means for each individual.

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    I would say my favorite thing about Ananda is the colorful and unique cast of characters I call my gurubhais. There is not one day that goes by that I am not inspired, amazed and entertained by the members of my spiritual family.

  18. Living with souls who deeply love God and who truly want to be FREE. (And of course, I love the humor that keeps us all sane.)

  19. My favorite thing about Ananda is the people. They all love God and they’re all so happy!

  20. My favourite thing about Ananda is that it is family with unconditional love and support. And such joy!! Everyone is a true gem at Ananda.The Masters’ presence can be truly felt. Thank God for Ananda.

  21. I got to know Ananda online. I carried the unconditional love in my heart every day until I needed to go to the source which is when I visited Ananda Expanding Light for three months and absorbed the Joy, Light, Peace and Love which is the foundation of my inner altar.
    Thank you Swami for reaching out to those of us so far away, yet so near.

  22. my favorite thing about Ananda, is that I am a member of a family, a family that expresses love for the God in all of life and supports each other in scientific practices of self-realization. JOY!

  23. The fact that at Ananda everybody is doing their best to live in their daily lives the truths and principles of the path they’re following.

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    Some of my favorite things about Ananda are the sincerity, consideration for others, and dedication to God and Guru.

  25. The temples. Especially the Expanding Light temple, when I have it all to myself to meditate and talk with the Masters. Sometimes I just sit in awe as I think of the many souls who come through those doors…Meditating, chanting, taking a class, hearing a talk, attending Sunday service, and taking vows. I feel honored to be one with all of this.

  26. Yogananda said, “Environment is stronger than will.” I can say with deep conviction of experience that there is no environment more supportive to help me be my highest Self than Ananda. From the saints surrounding me, to the vibrations of my guru, to the support that I feel from others, this place is like no other.

  27. My favourite thing about Ananda is Yogananda’s and Swami Kriyananda’s presence and the joyful spirit of friends.

  28. Best thing about Ananda is everyone’s sincere seeking/love of God. There’s an instant, amazing bond in that :-D

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    For Master, all our Masters, and Swamiji–so VERY present here in every moment and in every soul! And for Ananda’s willingness to put up with me for 40 years (as of July 17th). Yea team! Onward and upward to freedom!

  30. Beauty of Ananda is the seamless flow of selfless love across boundaries of the countries, cultures and Geographies. The Serenity and strong spirituality of the lineage of Masters “Babaji to Yogananda ji” representing love of Guru Disciple and the ever living presence of Swami Kriyananda’s music who symbolized the purity of the Devotee to Master Yogananda. This is inexpressible but one can really feel !!

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