to discover that
I love myself
more than God
does not help

for love of beauty
for love of wealth
to live for action
to live for self

the joy of emotion
the joy of another
of devotion to creed
of devotion to mother

all veiled joy
for me to see
the source of
Love, eternally

I speak as a parent
to listen as a child
I sit in quiet
to calm myself

now filled with peace
I shall not fear
a sound which comes
from everywhere

no voice with words
no sound with shape
now arriving straight
from Heaven’s gate

a joy of which
I cannot speak
an intimate affair
I shall keep

the world, outside
will one day know
this world within
… and here I go

— by a devotee


  1. blank

    Dear One,
    Thank you for sharing this very sweet Poem of Love for God!
    AUM, Aum, aum……….

  2. Dear one,

    Thanking a lot to you for your nice creation shows your inside true reflection after united with one,

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