My body cells obey my will: They dance with divine vitality! I am well! I am strong! I am a flowing river of boundless power and energy!

Affirmations for Self-Healing by Swami Kriyananda

Dear Friend,

Good health is more than the state of not being ill! It manifests when there is harmony and balance mentally, physically, and spiritually. It manifests when our energy flows freely, without interruption, in attunement with divine law—and when we are at ease on all levels.

Good health is a radiant state of inner well-being which comes after the mind has been cleared of every shadow of unwillingness, fear, and doubt; when one has learned to say yes to life; and when one has learned to love.

Dis-ease occurs when erroneous thoughts and actions pull us out of attunement with divine law, causing energy blockages. These erroneous thoughts and actions may originate in this life or in a prior lifetime. 

To achieve good health we need to have energy, in the form of life force flowing freely physically, mentally, and spiritually. Yogananda and Swami Kriyananda offer many proven techniques and tools for this purpose. Proper diet and exercise; positive and expansive life-affirming thoughts; meditation, and a search for meaning beyond this world of duality—all serve to move us in the direction of greater well-being.

O Mighty Source of all that is right and good, help me to see my strength as an expression of Thy infinite power. Let me banish the darkness of disease: It is forever foreign to Thy light!

May your new year be filled with light, love, and good health.

In divine friendship,

Nayaswami Pushpa for Thank you, God!

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Energization Exercises App

The yogic techniques Paramhansa Yogananda brought to this country give us many ways of achieving and maintaining good health on all levels. In particular, the Energization Exercises were created by Yogananda to help us keep our bodies full of energy and vitality. With increased energy you can cope with life’s tests, focus your energy, and direct your life-force to heal yourself and others.

“The whole purpose of true exercise is to awaken the inner source of energy which we have ignored throughout our lives.”

—Paramhansa Yogananda

The purpose of the Energization Exercises is to learn to control the flow of energy throughout your body. When you can control your energy, you can also control your thoughts, and you will be able to direct your energy into your spiritual eye, propelling you toward Self-realization.

The exercises are based on the principle of drawing Cosmic Energy into the body through the medulla oblongata by the power of will. The medulla is located at the point where the skull joins the spinal column at the back of the head. It is referred to in the scriptures as “the mouth of God,” and is considered by yogis to be the portal through which energy enters the body.

The full set of Paramhansa Yogananda’s Energization Exercises is comprised of thirty-nine individual exercises. Once you become familiar with the routine, it takes about ten to twelve minutes to complete. Practicing these exercises will give you increased energy, an awareness of its flow in the body, and a sense of well-being. Doing these exercises before you meditate will also help to release any stored bodily tension and enable you to sit still longer and more comfortably.

Download Ananda’s Energization Exercise ($0.99) app for iPhone and Android phones that many have found very supportive in their daily practices. It moves at a pace to actually practice them as the app plays, each exercise after another.

Energization Exercises Video

Guided practice of the Energization Exercises of Paramhansa Yogananda., led by Nayaswami Gyandev of Ananda School of Yoga & Meditation at The Expanding Light Retreat at Ananda Village.  Click to watch.

Hong Sau: Guided Ananda Meditation Technique

Meditation is central to the spiritual path and our overall well-being. With practice and devotion, meditation brings us deep inside so that we can access our highest consciousness.

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