The time finally arrived for Michael and me to leave the island home we had known for 8 years, and the UK itself where we have lived for all our lives.

As we left the house we had sold I looked back, but not with any regret or emotion. A short while later we sailed away from the island I had been so fond of in the early years, but recently any attachment I may have had to it, or the people, had vanished completely. Guruji has trained me well.

I watched the island disappear slowly for a while, thinking only thoughts of gratitude to Divine Mother for leading me to that place in which I began, knowingly, to walk this path; for placing me with the people I needed, and for the time I needed. Now, I carry their hearts with me. I will not miss them for this reason.

Leaving my family was much more difficult, for Michael too, but I knew if I was sincere in making life in a spiritual community work, it had to be done. I cried for half the flight to India. Even writing of this puts a lump in my throat, but I have their hearts with me too. I coped by saying over and over to myself, “But God, I must show You I love You more”.

Finally we arrived on the land; the first Ananda Kriya Yogashram in India, straight after one of the last few downpours of the retreating Monsoon. It was Tuesday September 20th. Slipping and sliding in the mud, trying to get our bags inside without taking in too much of the ‘chocolate mousse’ we were ankle deep in, we looked around at the very different environment than we were used to. Although the building of our home is not yet finished, we have been more than adequately adequately housed in the meantime. Resourceful to the last I will utilize any given space to its best advantage.

Tired and hungry as we were, all seemed a little overwhelming, but we were invited to Nayaswami’s Nirmalaji and Dharmamdasji for dinner with the other residents. It was well timed. Hugs all round, and tears of relief at finally being here, and of joy to be amongst my fellow gurubhais at long last.

Our home to be is now reaching skyward. In a few months we will feel as though this has always been home.

Jet lagged for a few days, we slowly started to pick up our energy. Whether it was good timing or not, in our eyes, Divine Mother sends all with precision timing. Our first weekend, we both participated in a wonderful few days of intense meditation. From the evening of Friday, at 5 o’clock, until 7 pm on the Sunday, those who wished and could manage the schedule meditated every 4 hours for 2 hours at a time, in celebration of the Vernal equinox and the four auspicious meditation times of the day; dawn, noon, dusk and midnight.

Well I knew that it would either kill or cure me, still not fully over the journey! The first night was hard, but by the second I was really into it. By the time the meditations sessions were complete, I actually felt invigorated rather than sleep deprived. Sleep breaks were encouraged at certain times in the schedule, and the odd power nap in the day seemed to suffice. My meditations and Kriya practice have noticeably deepened since the weekend. What an initiation into the spiritual life of this new community! One or both of us could have shied away, daunted by the enormity of the task that lay ahead, and so soon after our arrival, but we knew we had come to India to embrace the challenges on the spiritual and physical plane; to say, “Yes!” to life.

So already we have taken on certain responsibilities in the ashram. I have been asked to participate in the welfare of the ever growing population of children that are attending Ananda’s newly developing and thriving school, here on the land. I will help in the assessment and auditing process of each child’s physical development and immunization programme.

I will be working with Dr Aditya for other community health issues, and also I am stepping up on the promotional writing I was already doing for the retreat programmes offered here. Michael has maintenance and construction projects for the foreseeable future, and we have both wielded a garden fork and gotten our hands dirty, in order to help get ready for dear Swami Kriyananda’s imminent arrival to the land.

What more can I say at this early stage? Life here is not for the faint-hearted. We will both take time to fully adjust to life here and find our feet. There are still plenty of niggles to be ironed out, and how long Divine Mother wants us here is known only to Her, but Michael summed up our feelings beautifully in a comment he made in an email to a friend, last night. Despite the teething difficulties we have encountered in this new culture and environment, he said that in all the world traveling we have done throughout our years together, we have finally found home!


  1. Namaste Maitreyi,

    All I can say is, Welcome home … to my country, Bharat or India.

    Your post was a tear-jerker for me.

    It is such an irony that people like Michael and you make sacrifices to find your ‘self’ and take hard decisions such as leaving your ‘janmabhoomi’ and here we are, Indians, originally born and brought up, leave our country under the guise of better opportunities / better quality of life / better money.

    I wish you only the best in all that you do in your future endeavors there. I will have you in my prayers.

    Good Luck!!


  2. Hello Sweet Friend:

    I was wondering how you both were doing and our other friends who recently joined you in Pune. Sounds like you are getting your feet wet…. so to speak. A bit muddy sounds more true.

    I am busy at my life, doing my best to keep the good habits that Master helped me develop while at Ananda over a month ago. It did help me shift some of my practices and I still have some work to do on others.

    What a delight to spend time with you, Michael and your daughter and husband…. sorry going blank of names at the moment.

    How are the lovely Indian couple with that precious baby doing?

    Is the frame of the house with the round portion your home? It looks lovely whatever it is.

    Lots of Love to you all. Namaste, Barb

  3. Sri Maitreyi, I felt such a blessing during SRW to have met you and Michael! What a wonderful example you are in moving to India-to help with this work. I myself will probably never have the opportunity to put feet on our Mother Land, but through you, we can all experience a piece of this wonderful journey, and display of courage.
    We all must eventually move to our India, with the same prayer that you spoke…”God, I want you to know that I love you more!” Many Blessings follow you both! Remember me from time to time and imagine me there….as in my heart I am!!
    Blessings, Brindey (Anandagiri Ashram, Las Vegas)

  4. Dear Maitreyiji,

    I have been reading all your blog postings and like other brethrens who regularly read your writings, I have been a mute witness to your spititual and physical journey from the Isle of Man to India.

    Welcome!!! You are now more closer to us.

    All your writings and more so this one, has been most inspiring. I have been trying to keep myself on the Master’s path and honestly I am far from an ideal disciple. But I try. Your writings always infuse a fresh doze of energy and rejuventates my duty towards God.

    Please continue to blog your thoughts and progress as regularly as you can. It keeps me and many like me anchored to the Path.

    Jai Guruji !

  5. Dear Tyagi Maitreyi

    Welcome to India.Wish you and your husband very good luck and may Guruji blessings shower on you both.If you think in any way i can help you please feel free to send an email i will try my best.

    With very warm regards


  6. I too have heard that living in India isn’t all that easy, but living now in a community that is filled with pure – minded souls as well as practicing the right ways of living in a country that has always produced glorious Saints is a real blessing. :D

  7. Dear Maitreyi and Micheal,

    Welcome to the Land where Saints still tread.

    Jai Guru!

    — Kaushik

  8. What a beautiful inspiring story…reminded me of the times of my own when Gurudev has come to my assistance to help me feel protected and safe…how Blessed we all are that we are ever protected in all that we face and that we are never alone..

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