Today at the India International Centre (IIC) in Delhi, India, Swami Kriyananda launched his book, Hope for a Better World! (To listen to Swami Kriyananda’s talk, click on the play button below)

The event was presented by Ananda Sangha in collaboration with the IIC. It was hosted by Sri (Honorable) D. R. Kaarthikeyan, former Director of the CBI (Indian equivalent of the American FBI). The chief guest was the Honorable Dr. Kapila Vatsayan, eminent scholar and member of Parliament, and Chairperson of the IIC.

It is said that a country is known by those whom its people consider great. It is gratifying in India to witness high-ranking dignitaries such as Sri Kaarthikeyan and Dr. Vatsayan sincerely honoring Swamiji and his life’s work for his guru. (They are shown below holding the new book.)

Swamiji ang guests holding books

Over 500 people attended the event–further proof that India prizes, and recognizes, great spiritual teachers.

The event began with introductions by Yogacharayas Dharmadas and Nirmala, the Spiritual Directors of Ananda Sangha India. Then Sri Kaarthikeyan introduced Dr. Vatsayan, who declined to speak before Swamiji with the words, “I want to listen to him. Everybody is waiting for him!” Sri Kaarthikeyan then introduced Swamiji, who stood to speak.

Swamiji speaking

Swamiji spoke about the quest of all people for true happiness. He pointed out the hard times we are now facing and how they point to Yogananda’s solution of intentional communities. He emphasized the need to act according to dharma (righteousness). After reading an excerpt from Hope for a Better World!, he concluded:

“I would like to ask all of you think seriously about what I’ve said here–to think seriously about God being your true purpose in life–even if you don’t see it that way now. Because sooner or later, nothing works! Satan has one promise he always keeps:

“He disappoints you.

“Nothing you can do ever works, except finding God.”

At the end of Swamiji’s talk, Dr. Vatsayan stood. She began, “After Swamiji has spoken, it would require the arrogance of ignorance to open one’s mouth. I have come to hear, and to receive. And Swamiji, you have given.” She went on to express gratitude and praise for Swamiji’s words, and his book.

At the close of her remarks, Swamiji surprised us all by singing a song, “God! God! God!” (set to the words of Yogananda’s poem).

Swamiji indeed has given us hope for a better world, and has shown us the way to it achieve it–both outwardly, and in our own selves.

Although Hope for a Better World! was published previously in America and Europe, this edition represents the first printing of the book by Ananda Publications, India. Thanks to Lisa Clark for these photos.)