We never will know our true potential if we don’t push ourselves past our perceived and self-made boundaries.


Touching Soul

Touching Soul came into being as a consequence of an inspired moment preceded by reading an excerpt of Swami Kriyananda’s Conversations with Yogananda.

The excerpt told of a someone asking Yogananda if inspiration could be subjected to the demands of will. Yogananda demonstrated that it indeed could by looking to his brow centre, the Spiritual Eye – the transmitter to superconscious realms (the heart centre is the receiver) – and respectfully demanded a poem of Divine Mother.

He then proceeded immediately to spout forth beautiful new poetry, which was duly recorded and published in his book Whispers from Eternity. The poem begins, “O Father, when I was blind I found not a door which led to Thee, but now that Thou hast opened my eyes find doors everywhere…”

I felt strongly compelled to have a go myself, though why I should want to have done such a thing, considering a profound disinterest in poetry, never even entered my head. I must tell you that I have never before, in this life, been drawn to poetry of any kind; not particularly enjoying reading it nor having any great understanding of it. Within three minutes of my asking I had before me, written on the back of an envelope, the first poem given to me, Self…

I realized something was happening when the poems continued to come. Inspiration came at any time of the day or night and a notepad and pen as constant companions were essential. When the poems began to mount in number I had the recurring thought that these poems can’t be for my eyes alone. I didn’t know what to do with them and just shared them with a few friends.

Then it came to me to send them to Swami Kriyananda. This I did, knowing that he would be truthful about them. I asked him if he thought they were worth sharing with others. He loved them and gave me nothing but encouragement and also his blessing. He said he would love to see them in print, but he thought that Crystal Clarity might not be able to accommodate them at this stretching time. I prayed to Divine Mother that if it was Her will for these poems to be published then She would have to help me out.

Skip, head of Crystal Clarity, loved them too and said he would be happy to publish them. I happen to know that Swamiji interceded on my behalf also. Skip told me that Swamiji had said that he felt Divine Mother in the poems.

4 months from being given the first poem Inspiration told me the book was finished with the last poem, Charity. The nature of this poem being the last was no coincidence as all proceeds from the sale of this book are donated to Ananda to further Master’s cause through the power of print.

Inspiration has not dried up, however, and I now have many more new poems since the writing of Touching Soul. Each seemingly going deeper into the realms of the Heart, as does my consciousness with it. Swamiji has also said he would like to see these in print, Divine Mother willing.

The book is beautifully presented and bound in hardback. The poems are listed in alphabetical order within the categories; Guidance, Devotion, Prayer and Chant.

This comprises the former section of the book. The latter is taken up with my testimonial as to the most amazing way I was launched into Yoga and the realms of Spirit. It is always said that truth is more fascinating than fiction! My personal journey through the writing of these poems includes words on God, Religion and Yoga.

The Way of the Pilgrim

To travel the road with its rocks and its crags
Is to travel a way void of gladness;
The load can be lightened by dumping the bags
That blind you with sorrow and sadness.

Oh Pilgrim, you seek what is here and is there;
Don’t you know what you seek is so near to you bare
Of all trappings of desire of material will?
Just follow your breath ‘til your heart becomes still;
You’ll find such delights if you only knew,
Right there, inside that person called, “You.”

People outside will mock and poke fun,
But to them I would say, “God bless you”, with love.

To seek and find stillness ‘midst rage and destruction
Is to follow the Light that leads to fulfilment
Of all earthly desire and wanton abandon;
The way of the Lord is never by random.

Why waste this life, so short and elusive?
Come! Seek now that which leads you to music
Of spheres unknown to eye or to ear,
Yet known to the seeker, abundantly clear.
It is time to forget all those worldly pursuits;
It is time to come Home to the place of your roots.

Come hither, dear children and hearken apace,
For I AM within you; just ask for My grace
For I alone know what is found in your hearts:
All knowing, All seeing, I lighten the dark.

Have faith, little ones, for no one is spared;
In the grand scheme of things, though, there’s no time to err;
But Pilgrim, oh, Pilgrim, come unto Me;
I will take you in hand so that you can be free
To merge with My consciousness, Ever-pervading.
Why waste more time so deluded and raging?

To know that you all will be safe Home with Me
Gives cause to REJOICE.
“Thou wilt be One with Me!”


Truth is as a flame
Burning of a candle,
Ever pointing true
Despite its melting mantle.

I sincerely thank all that were instrumental in bringing Touching Soul into being, but most of all I thank Divine Mother for giving us the opportunity and privilege to spread Her word and serve in this small way. May this book of truth and devotion pull the strings of your own hearts. May you be so inspired to find your own potential within…

Joy to you




  1. Thank you Maitreyi for your poetry filled with delight and devotion. It´s so inspiring to me to read your story. I too have to find my potential and to hear your story is very inspiring to me. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Maitryi, the book was inspiring. The poems were beautiful expressions of the soul’s longing for union with God, for self realization. Hope the next book is published soon.

  3. I keep your book by my bedside, Matreyi, and read one or two before sleep. It puts me to sleep close to Master….a very holy book Touching Soul is.

  4. Dear Swami Maitreyji
    Reading your articles I am flabbergasted and at awe. I feel like running to you and hug you only to get a little bit of the vibrations so that I can pursue my meditation fully. I am getting ready for Kriya yoga initiation. Please bless me so that I can be successful in this mission.I have wasted a lot of my time already and no more.
    Bless and pray for me


  5. Please notify me what Maitrey has to say after she has read my comment.

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