Paramhansa Yogananda sometimes remarked that in the future mankind would see innumerable changes in its ways of thinking, living, and behaving—changes involving countless new ways of dealing with reality.

An amazing degree of change

Since 1900 A.D., we’ve been in the ascending age of Dwapara Yuga and we find, amazingly, just in one century, how much people have advanced. Everything we know of modern times—airplanes, cars, electronics, radios, television, computers— started after 1900. And we’re just at the beginning. The discoveries that lie ahead of us are enormous, but all of them will be based on an awareness of energy as the underlying reality of matter.

A very different kind of world and universe will open up as we advance into this age. Before the end of Dwapara Yuga in 4100 A.D., mankind will conquer the delusion of space, and people will realize that the most distant galaxy is just as close as our present surroundings. (See sidebar below for explanation of the yuga cycles, and diagram at right.)

The start of interplanetary travel

According to science, it’s not possible for people to go from one solar system to another because of the distance and time involved. In 1949, however, there was a worldwide “stir” of sightings of “flying saucers” or UFOs (unidentified flying objects). The newspapers generally made light of the reports, but Paramhansa Yogananda’s brief comment was: “What people have seen is true. Those phenomena are not imaginary.”

There’s a movie about what happened in Roswell, New Mexico, where a flying saucer crashed in 1949. Local residents and military personnel saw the beings on the ship—some of whom survived briefly, and examined the bodies. The beings looked similar to us, only smaller, and they didn’t have the same cardiovascular system that we have. Theirs was more like that of plants. We have a carbon-based system, but there’s no reason why other physiological and biological systems couldn’t work just as well.

Modern science declares it would be impossible for the inhabitants of planets situated many light years away from Earth to make such a journey. Yogananda’s answer was that science is still in its infancy. He said: “Modern man thinks that everything must be accomplished by physical force. There are many subtler forces in Nature. These will come to light as the general sensitivity of man becomes more refined. Someday it will be a simple matter to travel from Earth to Mars, or to other planets.”

In the different yugas, mankind transcends certain aspects of maya or delusion. By the end of Dwapara Yuga, mankind will know how to bypass the laws of physics that say you can’t go faster than the speed of light. People will be able to go, not only to other planets, but to distant galaxies.

Treta Yuga: the power to manipulate events

As planetary consciousness continues to evolve, people will become more aware of the power of consciousness. They will understand that consciousness precedes energy and that with their own minds they can direct energy to accomplish things. This  understanding will be the hallmark of the next age, Treta Yuga, or “The Age of Mental Power,” which will start in 4100 A.D.

We know this principle to some extent even now. This is what Yogananda’s Energization Exercises teach us—that by will power we can send energy to the body. When we do the Energization Exercises, we’re directing energy through the power of consciousness, and that energy acts upon the muscles by tensing them. As we go deeper into that thought, we realize we can ultimately send energy to manipulate the events around us.

A woman in India told me about her guru, who lived very simply in the forest. Once, when a number of his disciples were with him there was a heavy downpour of rain, but it remained completely dry around them. It was as if he had created an astral umbrella. When you have that kind of inner power, it’s a very small thing to ward off the rain. You can prevent rain or cause rain, or even change the seasons. In Treta Yuga most people are aware enough to be able to manipulate energy with will power.

If you could put all your will into making something happen, and not have any conflicting doubt, you would find that your will is enormous. Will power isn’t just generating the energy—it’s also removing the obstacles that prevent that energy from being effective. Masters are able to perform miracles because they know that when they will something, they must send out all their energy, and there’s no conflicting energy blocking it.

I saw an ad in a magazine once for somebody who was supposed to be channeling an entity. I had to laugh when I looked at his picture because his face was all screwed up with the effort. When Yogananda did miraculous things it was effortless, because there were no conflicting thoughts. He just sent out a thought, and even though he had tremendous will, there was never any sense of struggle. It’s not as if God had to get all worked up to project the universe—it just happened very naturally.

Yogananda described Treta Yuga as an “age marked by common knowledge of telepathic communications and other time-annihilators.” Mental telepathy will occur naturally as mankind’s mental control, intuition, and knowledge of the universe evolve.

By the end of Treta Yuga, most people will understand that time, like space, is a delusion, and that the most ancient civilizations exist, not in the distant past, but right now, in the eternal present. Certain writings penned back in Treta Yuga, five thousand years ago or so, discuss the lives of individuals living today. In one such writing, The Book of Bhrigu, I found a page discussing my own life, and accurately describing events that had not yet occurred.

Nonetheless, there is still warfare well into Treta Yuga because people don’t yet have the degree of mental control that enables them to act in attunement with God’s will. By Satya Yuga, the highest age, people will have learned that.

A portal of entry into subtler realms

With the arrival of the golden age of Satya Yuga, the Age of Truth, in 7700 A.D., mankind will live more perfectly in the realization that all is Spirit. In Satya Yuga there will be a much greater degree of Self-realization, and the majority of people will understand that the universe is simply a projection of the Divine Consciousness.

This doesn’t mean there won’t be people whose consciousness is negative or dark. Even in the depths of Kali Yuga there are still a few masters around, and in the heights of Satya Yuga there are still a few evil people. It’s rather that in Satya Yuga relatively more people have an enlightened awareness, so that warfare is no longer a problem.

During Satya Yuga, most people are no longer interested in using energy as a means of manipulating and controlling matter. For them, matter is merely a “portal of entry” into higher, subtler realms. They live in effortless communion with angelic beings, and with the pure nature spirits that bring life, order, and beauty to this physical world.

These enlightened souls are interested not so much in creating beautiful forms as in achieving beautiful states of awareness. Whatever they create materially, however, is effortlessly beautiful, graceful, and beneficial to themselves and to others. They have little need to construct grand edifices, or even sturdy homes. They prefer the “shelter of trees”—as the great master Babaji, one of Yogananda’s teachers, once put it—for Nature herself becomes temperate when mankind projects thoughts of love and harmony. Even today there are saints who don’t need houses.

Descending Dwapara Yuga: incantations and black magic

We have now entered the upward swing of Dwapara Yuga. It’s interesting to think what was happening at the point when Dwapara Yuga was descending into Kali Yuga, the darkest age. What would be the natural tendency of a civilization that was coming down from higher levels of spiritual awareness and losing its ability to use mental power? It would be to turn toward magic. People would still have the memory of past civilizations when one could influence everything with the power of the mind, but they wouldn’t understand how to do it. Eventually they would try to recapture this lost power by doing everything with incantations and magic.

I went on a pilgrimage to Egypt in the early 1980s. I felt very strongly while there that the entire civilization at the time of descending Dwapara Yuga had fallen into black magic. There was a darkness over the land. But I was able also to feel the consciousness of Egypt further back in time during a higher age, and I felt something much more uplifted. When I visited the Aswan Dam area, I had the very strong feeling that I’d lived there long before in a higher age. I could imagine lush greenery everywhere and that it had been a very simple, harmonious time.

Eternal rounds of maya

What are the lessons we can personally draw from understanding the yuga concept? Paramhansa Yogananda described these cycles as the “eternal rounds of maya.” With the progression of the yugas, mankind gradually escapes from duality, and awakens to realize its unity with God.

To devotees, in a sense, it doesn’t matter what yuga we find ourselves in. We need to tune in to the higher octave of the time in which we live, and to use it for our spiritual development. Dwapara Yuga is the Age of Energy, and Paramhansa Yogananda came at this time to give us techniques of energy to help us achieve Self-realization. Let’s use these techniques well, and transform our inner world into a higher age of divine truth.

Sidebar: The Cycle of the Yugas

Swami Sri Yukteswar is the first person, to my knowledge, to give an explanation for the cycle of the yugas, a teaching that was known back in ancient times but lost during the dark age of Kali Yuga. The cycle of the yugas represents the progression from the time our sun and solar system are the farthest from the center of the galaxy, to the time when they are the closest.

The explanation that Sri Yukteswar and the ancient seers give for the progression of the yugas is that our sun has a dual, and that the two revolve around each other. Along with this revolution, our sun and solar system move in a great elliptical orbit toward, then away from, the center of our galaxy, a tremendous vortex of energy. Rays of spiritual energy pour out from this galactic center, and as our sun and solar system come closer to it, more energy floods our planet. Because of this increased energy, human consciousness becomes more aware.

When our solar system moves away from that center of energy, human consciousness becomes duller, not able to understand things as well. Our solar system reached its farthest point from the galactic center in roughly 500 AD, during the heart of the dark age of Kali Yuga.

Our solar system is now moving again toward the galactic center, and human consciousness, since it’s receiving more energy, is able to understand things better. People have begun to recognize, for example, that matter is not essentially solid, but that it’s really energy. In fact, it’s only because we’ve moved into the more enlightened age of Dwapara Yuga that mankind is even able to understand the concept of the yuga cycle.

When our solar system is closest to the galactic center, mankind becomes increasingly enlightened. The two highest ages are Treta Yuga, “The Age of Mental Power,” and Satya Yuga, “The Age of Truth.”

From: Light of Superconsciousness; The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita; Conversations with Yogananda; and The Promise of Immortality, Crystal Clarity Publishers, and recent talks. Transformation: The obstructions and problems that arise when dealing with inert matter are transformed into opportunities for success, once a person becomes conscious that he is dealing with the living reality behind that appearance of inertness. Religion in the New Age by Swami Kriyananda.


  1. This was a very illuminating piece. I have read many times excerpts from Swami’s talks or writings on this subject but how this was particularly explained in this article added even more clarity (pardon the pun!).

    Thank you.

  2. Many thanks to clarity magazine for printing subjects pertinent to our spiritual evolution. I receive a great benefit of hope in grounding my kriya practice in hope for the future.

  3. Thanks for the informative article on the Yugas. I never tire of hearing about the promise of a better furture. I instintivly know of past civilizations. I have studied with other groups and have come to the same conclusion.

  4. Thank you for the helpful article.

    After reading it (and actually already before) I asked myself what the spiritual meaning of the upward and downward movement of the Yugas might be. What for rise up to spiritual heights if it doesn’t seem to be a path leading anywhere, if it’s a circular movement. Could we even enjoy to see this development if it’s so… outward. I didn’t know what to do with this piece of news.

    Anyway an explanation occurred to me now and I would like to share it here. I think the reason that the consciousness of mankind is changing (expanding or contracting) and is not static is
    that thereby we get the chance to compare different states of spiritual awareness in mankind and from the differences draw our conclusions of how consciousness really works. If everything were static it would probably be hard to realize that consciousness can actually change and evolve.

    best regards Eva

    1. blank

      Dear Eva,

      The last paragraph of the article may help to answer your question, where Swami says:
      “To devotees, in a sense, it doesn’t matter what yuga we find ourselves in. We need to tune in to the higher octave of the time in which we live, and to use it for our spiritual development. Dwapara Yuga is the Age of Energy, and Paramhansa Yogananda came at this time to give us techniques of energy to help us achieve Self-realization. Let’s use these techniques well, and transform our inner world into a higher age of divine truth.”

  5. It’s thrilling to read Yogananda’s and Kriyananda’s words verifying some of the reported UFO phenomoena.


    “They live in effortless communion with angelic beings, and with the pure nature spirits that bring life, order, and beauty to this physical world.”

    The Shipibo shamans and many other indigenous cultures using varied methods were/are able to receive communications from nature spirits; hence their understandings of DNA and molecular biology without ever having set foot in a laboratory or Western classroom.

    See: “The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge”, by Jeremy Narby. Eye-opening!

  6. It is nice to know that we are in higher upswing of Dwapara Yuga. It is quite clear that most of us reading such articles have the strong belief in the unlimited power of mind though we ourselves are not capable of it right now. But we have a strong feeling that thoughts have the potential to move energy in our favor.

  7. This is the second article I have read on this subject. You did a good job at discussing everything in detail. I truly learned something from reading this post, and just wanted to just express my appreciation for it!

  8. I deeply appreciate this. What happened to those peoples of the golden age? Did they reach enlightenment or go on?Could some of us have the feeling that we lived in those “higher” ages or perhaps we were members of such civilizations of higher consciousness? I remember a feeling like that as a child, as I was so disappointed with my surroundings, unlike other children who were ecstatically living them. Perhaps my soul knew something? Meanwhile, I was always drawn to those societies. Points to ponder.

  9. Hare Krishna for this eye opener and introducing me to HOLY SCIENCE

    I would want to know if Kaliyuga Had already started 5000 year ago when Lord Krishna left for his abode, We are in the sandhi Period Of kaliyuga or Dwaparyuga- And from here how Long will it continue

    When is Lord Kalki Avtaar Due ?

    Pl. remove my confusion- about Golden Period of Kaliyuga- and still atrocities and barbarisim continues _

    1. blank

      That we live in a “New Age” seems an incontestable fact. Just 100 years ago the world had no paved highways, no speeding cars, airplanes, cell phones, washing machines, computers or satellite dishes, to name only a few things that today we take for granted. But the greatest change that has occurred has been our perception of reality, which began with the discovery that matter is actually composed only of vibrations of energy, and that energy is the reality behind everything around us. Today we perceive everything in terms of energy—we have become an energy-conscious as well as an energy-dependent society. To learn more read Swami Kriyananda’s book, Religion in the New Age

      I hope this is helpful.

      Joy to you,
      Nayaswami Nakin

  10. Book of bhrigu is catching my eye. How can I get true copy of this book .

    1. Hi Anand.
      Ananda’s Book of Bhrigu went out of print in 2008. There are references to the Bhrigu Samhita online but I’m guessing you’re looking for
      Swami Kriyananda’s writing about his findings.

  11. Question: If all the masters who can move energy easily – just keep the energy of our solar system need the sun – KALI YUGA – just would luv not to experience it at all? Would be a gift, never to have KALI YUGA – AL THE REST ARE FINE!!! Why wouldn’t the MASTERS PREVENT THIS? I often feel I was pulled out of My Happy Place & put here (I really don’t care if for some bizarre reason I agreed to this) – Masters just should get together & guide the energies to be kept near the Sun?

  12. Let the people with horrible karma live in Kali Yuga – what’s with the fates just want to be energetically in better vibrational energy – if We have the ability – tell me how to make that happen?

  13. Why do people with great karma, have to literally put up with/tolerate Kali Yuga – Needs to never ever ever come back. The Yogic Masters, should energetically vibrate the System, to stay near the Sun. Let the others live in Kali – I’m done – look at the horror show – outside of going inwards – it’s like Karmic prison – I see the matrix –
    Going w/in, going w/in, vibrationally see the alignment & would prefer to change into My light body & align than Kali Yuga – really???
    Anyone w/insights – to live this 3-D trap matrix behind – please advise. Blessings!!!

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