Question: How can one keep the consciousness of God while performing one’s worldly duties and facing the normal difficulties of daily life?

Dear ________:

Partly it is a question of re-training one’s subconscious habits.  Partly, too, one must learn to live more superconsciously. To learn to live superconsciously, God’s presence must be experienced, not merely affirmed.  The more actually aware one becomes, in meditation, of God’s presence within, the more this inner awareness spills over effortlessly into his outward activities.

Inward awareness of the Divine Presence awakens also the understanding that there exists a Divine Law, and that all things are in fact ruled by this Law, and not really by our own little human efforts except to the extent that we serve as its willing instruments.  One knows then that the most important thing in life is to serve and please God alone, not man.

Again, when tests come, if one can hold onto the inner peace born of meditation one will find the inner strength to overcome them. But without this peace it is difficult to handle even minor nuisances without fairly disintegrating emotionally. Next to meditation, the most important thing is sat-sanga, good company. Among devotees a subtle magnetism is exchanged that gives to the strong as well as the weak added strength to maintain their calmness in the midst of daily activities.

Finally, to re-train your subconsciousness, always sing inwardly to God.  Japa this practice is called in India. And remember, when your love for God becomes a constant, silent yearning of your heart, all other things will melt away like morning mist before the rising sun. The greatest way to cling to God is to cling first to love.

May God and our Gurus bless you.

From Letters to Truthseekers, Crystal Clarity Publishers. Related reading: In Divine Friendship, Letters of Counsel and Reflection by Swami Kriyananda. To order click here


  1. To love god means to love his ways and live them in everything that we do.At anytime may i always show love to whoever God graces me with.It does come from the spirit, i like how you explained it.It starts by fealing it inwardly, then the subconcious has no other option but to change.Why? because it feals blissfull,true, and like the right thing to do.After that experience it comes natural ,without thinking, to show and live godly.In essence the earth and universe becomes a ever changing place filled with more love.That’s how we change the world, showing love to all beings.May we all always be instruments of god’s will.Thank you for your time and wisdom!

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