Dear Friends,

We send our love to all of you, and now after nine days in India, we finally have a moment to write you some news about our travels here. This trip has had many blessings and some unexpected adventures along the way.

We flew out of Sacramento on January 6 traveling to Portland, Amsterdam, and finally arriving in Mumbai on January 8 at 1:00 am. We were met at the Mumbai airport by a driver, who was hard to find amidst the dense crowd of other drivers waiting at the arrival exit gate. When we finally spotted him he was holding up a sign saying “Nayaswami Jyotish” with a spiritual eye on it.

We eventually (and very happily) were driven to the hotel, where Swamiji and a large group from Ananda were staying. Everyone was eagerly helping with the book launch of Swamiji’s new biography of Master taking place that night. On the one-hour drive from the airport to the hotel, we were surprised and delighted to see big billboards in Mumbai with Master and Swamiji’s picture announcing the event.

After a few hours sleep, we met Swamiji in the lobby of the hotel. Swamiji stepped out of the elevator looking radiant — what a joy it was to see him again.

The day was mainly spent in preparation for the book launch. Many of you watched Swamiji’s talk either live or recorded, so you were able to see what an inspiring and beautiful evening it was. The auditorium, which we were told was possibly the best in all of India, was designed by the same man who did Lincoln Center in New York. It was a perfect venue with great seating and acoustics, and was located directly across from our hotel.

Swamiji spoke for over an hour to a full house of 1200 people seated inside the auditorium and an overflow crowd of 350 standing in the lobby watching on TV monitors. The book launch was a great success with many copies of the biography sold.

The next morning, January 9, after breakfast we had planned to drive back to the Ananda Pune community while Swamiji, Dharmadas, Narayani, and Miriam were to visit a sacred pilgrimage spot. However, when we greeted Swamiji the next morning, he spontaneously invited Nirmala, David and Asha Praver (who had arrived the night before), and us to join them on the pilgrimage, and we happily accepted.

The pilgrimage was to a place called Kanya Kumari, located on the southernmost tip of India where three oceans meet: the Arabian Sea on the west, the Indian Ocean to the south, and the Bay of Bengal on the eastern shore.

There is a large rock (or small island) located a few hundred feet out to sea that was made sacred both by Swami Vivekananda and the Goddess Parvati. Vivekananda was the disciple of the great master Ramakrishna. After Ramakrishna’s passing, Vivekananda prayed for divine guidance as to how to carry on with his life. As penance, he undertook to walk the length of India, and finally reached the southernmost tip. He then spied the island and swam out to it. There he began to meditate and after some time achieved enlightenment alone on the island.

Years later a temple was built to commemorate the event. It was also believed that on this island the Goddess Parvati destroyed a terrible demon that was terrorizing India. A temple to Parvati was also constructed, and the Indian people consider Kanya Kumari to be one of the most sacred places in their country.

The journey was not easy involving planes, trains, cars, and boats, but we eventually got there. Next to the sacred island is another smaller island with a huge statue of a revered Indian poet who wrote an epic poem about Parvati’s destruction of the demon. The statue is 130 feet high to commemorate the 130 verses of his poem to Parvati.

We were able to meditate with Swamiji in several rooms of the Vivekananda and Parvati temples. Though it was crowded and noisy with many other pilgrims, there was still a vibration of great spiritual power there. We stayed in a nearby hotel, and the next morning Swamiji said that he felt a deep blessing from the shrine. We, too, felt greatly uplifted by the experience.

Next on January 12, Swamiji and all of us flew to Goa, on the West coast of India, where we were joined by Lila, Durga, Vidura, and Anand from Assisi, for a rest and vacation. We’re staying at a beautiful resort, the Taj Exotica, with one of the most beautiful beaches we’ve ever seen. It’s been a lovely visit with everyone enjoying the beautiful scenery, perfect weather, and the joy of each other’s company.

Swamiji is a bit tired from all the traveling, but still doing well. Everywhere he goes he touches the hearts of people here in India, who recognize what a great soul he is and naturally pour out their love to him.

We’ll leave here (too short a stay in Paradise) soon to go to the Pune Community for the remainder of our stay. There we’ll help with the training program they’re starting for new members who are moving into the community. Our departure from India is scheduled for January 30.

We send our loving thoughts to you and look forward to sharing more about our trip later. It has been a time of great blessings and joy in this holy land of India with Swamiji and our divine friends in God.

In Master’s love,
Jyotish and Devi


  1. Dear friends, once again, thank you for your wonderful update. Blessings to all. In Master’s love, Jerry.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing these pictures of these beautiful sacred places in India,and news about your journey with Swamiji. Blessings! Namaste Roger

  3. I do hope Swamiji will do better in better health. I wish I could follow him together with all of you, only I’m too old. I’m now doing my own work for my fellow people in my own way at home. I pray in friendship for the sake of your successful achievement.

  4. boy, i had no idea i would get to see this on a drab rainy thursday morning at work!! thoroughly uplifting!
    thankyou thankyou thankyou
    bless you for sharing this

  5. Dear Jyotish & Devi!
    Thank you for the wonderful updates covered in a very precise way . Everything very well put together about Swamiji .
    Vivek with Cecilia

  6. blank

    Dear, dear Jyotish and Devi,
    Thank you for bringing us right to the heart of what is happening there and into Swamiji’s and your vibration. In spite of the rajasic nature of much of India (excluding Goa!!!) your letter is calming and uplifting, as always
    Bless you all.
    In Divine friendship, Shanti

  7. blank

    And by the way, even from all the way over here the book launch was exquisite … perfect.
    Inspiration really does know no bounds.

  8. i love Ananda, its ethics (the original 1st edition book online on Autobiography of a Yogi for free to read – on its own thats amazingly thoughtful), the useful Ananda newsletters. thanks, appreciated by Andrew

  9. actually inspires me to go to India, a place where my son said, “Mom I don’t think you will like India, but I know you will love Peru” Perhaps I can prove him wrong :)
    Thank you for the inspiring update!
    Blessings All!

  10. Thank you so much for the very inspirational update on your trip. It reads like a chapter from masters book. I was able to watch the book launching video and am still awestruck. A lot of qustions were instantly answered…thank you swamiji. Blessings to all of you for a safe and wonderful trip.

  11. Thanks for sharing the wonderful journey and experience with us. I am delighted to see Swamiji in good health and spirit, and all the desciples. Thanks to Swamiji for leaving a legacy to all of us through his writings and sharing such remarkable and indelible experiences with us. I too desire so strongly to journey to India someday. Thanks again for sharing this amazing chapter…just one of many more Im sure to come.

  12. How uplifting to read this! Coincidentally January 12th was also Swami Vivekananda’s birthday. Just by reading this, I can feel the power of Kanyakumari, a place I myself long to visit. India is amazing as always!

  13. There is always a silent prayer on my lips for Swamiji’s good health…..Thanks for your update…..Swamiji has the blessings of many Enlightened Souls of INDIA – Sidhas and Paramhansas as it is evident , He is carrying out Their Unfinished task ……non-stop!

  14. Blessing to you All;

    It was an interesting and lively sounding adventure and creates a very nice feeling of joy.

    You have all been such wondrous seekers and teachers.

    It has been such a pleasure watching you all blossum into such great beings.

    May your blossuming continue onward in this life and more.


  15. May the Saints keep marching on! Love and Blessings to all of you!

  16. Dearest Jyotish and Devi,

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful news and message with us.

    I am so happy to hear how well Swamiji is faring and how much India has loved and embraced him. Please take our best and warmest wishes – our love and equal delight in your journeys. Safe travels.

    Joy and Every Blessing,

  17. this is a beautiful story, about a year ago I was talking to someone who told me about a temple at the southernmost tip of india where the light of god was so bright that they had to close the doors of the temple at night because the light blinded the ships at sea, this must be the place!

  18. Beautiful pictures of India…and Swamiji looked well and joyful as I always see him. My love to all and have a safe trip back to stateside over this coming weekend.


  19. Thank you so much for this letter. The book launch was amazing and it’s wonderful that Swami and you had a that time in Goa. I’m praying for all of you there.
    Blessings and love, krishna

  20. It’s so nice to hear from you! Thank you for bringing your travels to us, making us feel like we’re right there with all of our dear friends. Please give our love to Swamiji, and everyone, who are always in our hearts, though miles away.

  21. blank

    Beautiful. Just returned from India, including a short stay at the Ananda Center with Dhyana in Gurgaon. It was so sweet to the heart to feel the vibrations of Ananda in India. Many souls touched by this ray of Light of the Masters, Swamaji and the Ananda teachers. Thank you Jyotish and Devi. Prayers of blessings on your travels.

  22. Thank you so much for your report of happy events in a
    happy land!
    To Swami Kriyananda my admiration and gratitude for his great example!
    May you have a safe trip home!
    Hanna Koehler
    Rockwood, Ontario

  23. Thanks so much for sharing your sacred journey. What joy! May Master continue to bless you all that you both and Swami meet. I look forward to further sharings and februarys online webinar!

  24. Thank you so much. Your comments are so inspiring. It is a joy to follow the growth of our India community and of all who are pouring so much energy into it. God bless you.

  25. Dear Nayaswamy Jyotish and Deviji,
    Your India Diary has vividly captured the Spectacular Book Launch, here at the Tata Theatre at Mumbai. We Mumbaikars are so Happy to have received Swami Kriyanandaji in such overwhelming numbers with so much Warmth and Enthusiasm. As I was describing to Nirmalaji, Swamiji appeared like a Spiritual Rock Star that Evening, at the Book Launch – Radiant and a Loyal Disciple to Paramahmsa Yogananda .Many decades ago Yoganandaji stayed at a Hotel near the Launch venue on transit from Calcutta to the Americas.Would Yoganandaji ever have imagined years later that a Western Yogi would be dedicating such a Spectacular Event in such a Splendid Hall ?
    Indeed Swami Kriyanandaji is an epitome of Gratitude- A Tribute from a Disciple to a Guru. Thank you Swami Kriyanandaji for being a source of Joy to this buzzling Megapolis.

    Arni Narendran, Mumbai India

  26. Thank you so much for this inspiring story, the beautiful views of Swamiji and yourselves, and the sacred island!

  27. What a blessing it is to see Swamiji in good health, that too wearing shorts in that paradise called Goa!
    May he continue to inspire us for many years to come.

  28. Am thrilled about the description, the details. More so about the satsangs you keep enjoy-ning together over the course of years! Am so happy for you all! Years of decipleship…. Am MOST thrilled about Swamiji’s radiance, good health! Bravo ! I’m smiling with gratitude.

  29. Pranam
    Thank you for sharing us the experience. I feel great joy


  30. dear friends, this piece of narration is really touching. Watching the photograph of Swamiji & others , with joyful smile, I felt I missed them – felt an instant call to be near them.
    Now only I know that they passed through my state , the southern end of India.On 15th I had ordered Swamiji’s book from flipkart. Got in two days time. It is my bedside, soothing presence forever. To know that he had flew across this southern sky on 12th !
    What a bliss !
    Feeling Swamiji’s vibrations here ,still

  31. Thanks for sharing and keeping us all connected.

    Many blessings to you all,,Jeff Kundert

  32. Jai Guru,

    A wonderful description of the trip.It seemed to me as if I travelled along all the way with swamiji, more so because in my past I had visited Kanyakumari and could relate myself Thank you, to enliven the experience once again.

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