We have grown up in a world that is in such a mess because it has evolved, predominenetly, on reason alone. If man would evolve from intuition, we would see a very different place.

I want to briefly share 2 experiences that happened on the same day. To set the scene, I meditate at least twice a day. The power, or insight of intuition comes of itself with such dedicated and unswerving practice. Intuition is now the main guiding force in my humble domain. My husband Michael, on the other hand, has not learned to meditate yet. He still works with reason, although he will surprise me occasionally when he receives a genuine insight. This however is rare for him.

On this particular day Michael was distressed. He mislaid a gold link bracelet a week ago, a gift from me many years ago. He was angry with himself for losing it and had turned the house upside down, to no avail. I heard the commotion and told him to offer it up. Not being used to resorting to a higher power, he looked at me surprised and said, “You offer it up!” But I know Michael. I knew he would but wouldn’t tell me right away.

I did offer it up. I stilled my mind and gave it to Divine Mother. “Okay, Divine Mother”, I said,”If the bracelet is in this house, show me where it is!” I concentrated at my brow, just listening, blanking all throught. Instanantly I knew it was inside a pocket. I turned through all the pockets I could find. Nothing!

As we were getting ready for bed that night, I laid reading a book. Michael was busy in the bathroom, when I heard him cry, “I offered it up, and here it is!”. He had found his braclet in the one place I forgot to look… his bathrobe pocket.

This same day a slip of paper had been pushed through the letter box of our home, advertising window cleaning. Our windows were desperate for a clean so I gave the young man, advertised as ‘Dave’, a call. Sure enough, he came within a couple of hours. He pressure washed the windows, which was fine, took his money and I bade him “Goodbye”. When Michael came home I told him a young man had washed the windows. Michael, being a stickler for good craftmanship, was not happy with the streaks that had dried on the glass. He asked me not to hire ‘Dave’ again. I defended him. He was a lovely young man and I had a very good feeling about him. I wanted to help him by giving him our business.

That evening there came a knock at our front door. It was ‘Dave’. He was passing and was obviously consciensious enough about his work to take a look. He noticed some streaks on our windows. He apologised and asked if I might allow him to clean them again…

Joy to you



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