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  1. What a great resting place, Swami Kriyananda’s Moksha Mandir. Having been to the Hermitage, I always found it so very peaceful and uplifting. I was not able to be there for the Memorial service or the scension ceremony in person, but I was there in spirit. I want to thank you so much for sharing it with us on line. It made me feel a part of it. Swami was a very beautiful soul and gave so much to each one of us. He was truly a pure channel for Master. Though he will be greatly missed, I know that I will always carry him in my heart. He has left us with a wonderful legacy to carry on. And he is now home with his Beloved Yogananda.

    In Divine Friendship
    Kaye Gordon

  2. My family and I havent still come to terms to the fact of Swamijis physical departure from this planet. He is so ensconsed in our Heart and now at the prayer Alter,that we feel his Divine presence as always ever since our first magical Darshan with him at the Taj Lands End, Mumbai..
    Swamiji remains a guiding star to our family and we remain indebted to him for showing us the Light on the path .

    Arni family-Mumbai India

  3. The Moksha Mandir is absolutely beautiful! Thanks to all those who made it possible as a pilgrimage site for all those who want to meditate in the holy vibrations of Swamiji.

    Joy to all!

  4. Namaste
    Though I met Swamiji only once in Ananda some years ago, I was very much impressed by His sweet smile, it is a pity I couldn’t get a second chance to meet Him. But I am sure Swamiji’s words, teachings,and His message of Shanti will spread all over the world. Saints are ‘ETERNAL ‘ as we say Sanatana, they have no birth no death, in this sense Swamiji will always live with us and continue to guide us in our spiritual way SADHANA.
    Jaya Murthy

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