Today Swami Kriyananda arrived back to his home in Gurgaon, India, just outside of Delhi. Swamiji had been away for about 10 months–his longest absence since moving to India. He spent that time getting needed rest and working on important projects (writings, interviews, lectures) in his homes in America and in Italy.

Swamiji doesn’t think of his “home” according to the common interpretation of the word. For, as he wrote in his song, “Home is a Green Hill”:

Often I dream that life is a play;
Laughter forever, and skies never gray.
But when I’m silent, freed from all care,
I discover my home’s everywhere.

Nevertheless, it is a joyful reunion for us all whenever Swamiji returns.

Here is the crowd waving to him as he pulled up to our main building, “Ashram House”.

Crowd greeting Swamiji

His body was feeling quite tired from the flight, and we expected him to say hello to us from the car. Then he said, “I’m going to get out and greet you.” Steve helped him out of the car, and he stood before us.


“I’m getting to be an old man,” he said, chuckling. “Nice to see you all.”

As he got back in the car, a Bengali devotee asked him how he was feeling.

khub bhalo,” he replied. (Very well.)

He added in Hindi, “main bahut khush hoon.” (I am very happy.)

Tomorrow (Sunday) Swamiji is scheduled to give a lecture to hundreds of people at the prestigious India International Centre in Delhi. Swamiji constantly demonstrates his dedication to his guru by his unending service in Yoganandaji’s name. Yet Swamiji’s body is feeling understandably fatigued after the journey. What we can all offer, in gratitude for all that he has done for the world, is to add our prayers that he regain his strength for tomorrow.

(Click the above for a larger version. Thanks to Lisa Clark for the photos.)