In Gratitude

How wonderful it is to love God! This is the essence and the spirit of Thanksgiving. We can show that spirit, especially toward God, and say ‘I give everything to You. I want nothing in return. Everything that you give me, I take as a symbol and nothing but a symbol of our Your love.’ Then, we will find that Thanksgiving goes on ALL the time! – Swami Kriyananda

Swami Kriyananda

When someone gives you something, the appreciation you feel can be expressed in a subtle way as the love of God coming to you through that person. This creates a link between God, the person who gave you the gift, and yourself.

Many people express gratitude, but the way to feel gratitude is to take it within. Attune yourself to God as the giver of all gifts. Go into God’s silence and become open to His vibrations.

May you be in God’s presence and enjoy perpetual communion!  -Nayaswami Krishna

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The Essence of Thanksgiving

Enjoy this talk given to us by Swami Kriyananda (2017).

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