Once upon a time, long, long ago, there traveled three wise kings across barren, unknown lands, in search of a holy child, a son of God. Guided by a star that shone both day and night, they undertook this journey with great hope, born of a deep faith that we are all one in God. In some traditions their arrival is celebrated 12 days after Christmas.

This “Eastern” star, Yogananda said, represents the inner star of divine wisdom at the point between the eyebrows, also known as the spiritual eye. Meditating on the spiritual eye develops our inner perception and unveils the wisdom inherent in our souls.

In every meditation we undertake a journey similar to that of the three wise men. Guided by the star of wisdom, we have been deeply inspired to undertake the journey in search of the goal. But in our initial enthusiasm, we are not aware of potential perilous encounters, nor fruitless wastelands where water is scarce.

To keep you well nourished and fortified on the journey to God, here are four savory provisions.

1. Begin Your Meditation with Deep Gratitude for the Opportunity

Sister Gyanamata, a direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda, said that it is a state of blessedness to even attempt to meditate. If you hold these words in your consciousness, you will bring to your meditations a sense of deep unity with the divine, and the knowledge that you are worthy of all that you are seeking.

2. Make a Sacred Offering of Each of Your Practices

It is very easy when meditating regularly to get into a habit of proceeding mechanically to the goal and thereby missing opportunities for deeper inspiration. Remember, at any step along the way, the door may appear. A wise saint reminding us of this truth said, “Lose yourself in the act of pronaming (bowing to God).”

In your initial prayer, go so deep, feel so much love, that you are swept into the ocean of divine love. Then begin your practices, imbuing them with the fire of devotion and the longing of your soul.

3. “Keep Your Goal Ever Shining Before You”

These words are worth keeping in mind as we encounter restlessness, lack of concentration, and the frustration that they can bring to our meditations.

See these mental states as part of a Divine game of hide and seek. Perhaps (you might imagine) God thinks that you will get tired and not want to play any more, or that you will lose interest in the game and not exercise your divine creativity to find Him?

Be the energetic child of God that you are and keep looking. Think to yourself, where would He be? See Him in your mind’s eye. Visualize His consciousness and let the inner star guide you to His abode where He ever awaits you and welcomes you as His own.

4. When You Experience Joy, Keep Going!

Oftentimes when we experience a little joy, a little peace, a lot of joy, or a lot of peace, we think that we have arrived. We are happy with our “good meditations” and perhaps even take them for granted.

Don’t let these experiences become a comfort zone, luring you away from the journey to which you’ve been called. Keep going! Paramhansa Yogananda described God as “ever-new joy,” and that is what our meditations can be! In the experience of “ever-new joy,” the journey and the goal will become one.

Joy to you,
Nayaswami Maria


  1. Thank you for these pointers. I will use them next Sunday as a presentation during our meditation session. I like the point to keep going after joy is felt. I know someone that did not start the day until joy was felt during meditation. I thought then that feeling joy meant that the meditation could end and I could go on to participate in daily activities. So now I know to keep going further. Thank you so much for sharing this.

    Carol Bezin

  2. Thank you for your advices and “push on”.Elias.

  3. Dear Maria,

    Your message makes me feel so happy. I’m feeling the strength behind these precious words. God and Jesus Christus are my pillar. Unfortunately for a few days I’m feeling so depressed. But know somewhat is bringing me to light and I will start right now with my meditation. So to speak yr message was a kick-off.

    Thanks again and blessings


  4. Thank you for the encouraging reminders. They are always needed, and it helps to have a fresh way of looking at meditation. This is very uplifting advice. Bless you.

  5. Beautiful list. Will print and keep near my meditation seat and read over and over until each items becomes a part of me. Thank you!

  6. Thanks for the email.
    I do meditate every day. It varies from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. Some days I feel very nice and lucky but other days I hardly notice any affect and am not able to concentrate on a point in between the eye brows.
    Thanks again,

    Kanwal Sethi

    1. dear kanwal meditation is very easy only feel or imagine the bright light with open eyes and then feel like you are not a body only a tiny point of light and then your point of light is near that powerful lightsource and getting energy from the SUPREME SOUL ,in this way you start meditating and you will get all the positive results you want.

  7. Thank you Nayaswami Maria. This is exactly what I needed right now. I am going through tough times and finding it hard to start my day with a positive meditation. I will remember to stay very grateful that I have my Guru and my kriya! Blessings to my spiritual brothers and sisters.

  8. Maria, you expanded the new meaning to “ever new Joy”. Thank you!

    1. Thank you for the reminders, points with which we can refresh our meditation every day and I am grateful for them.

  9. Dear Maria,
    How beautifully you pour your spirit into this article. I love that you mentioned the Three Wise-Men, Los Tres Reyes Magos; and it is also true that in some countries we celebrate it 12 days later, January 6th in Latino American countries. You reminded me of memories from my childhood that I treasured very much. We celebrated this day with hot cocoa and a special bread:”Rozca de Los Reyes” (Three Wise-Men Bread). I am intending to make this cherished bread of mine for the first time this year since I left my native country (30 years ago to be exact!).
    About the meditation entertaining feelings of joy or those that come in not good meditations, how true that is! I’ve been thinking about it lately. Your article gave me the answer: Keep on going, don’t get settled in the experiences. I shouldn’t get stuck in the feelings that my meditations give me and keep putting energy to travel farther until I find “Ever-New joy!” My soul will know that I have arrived then.
    Blessings :)

  10. Dear Maria,
    Beautiful punch points which will help us towards our goal.

  11. blank

    A lovely way to understand meditation and how to keep going to the final goal as the way to it unfolds before us. Thank you, Maria.

  12. Thank you so much for this. Just when I needed some motivation. Hope and pray for deeper meditations to all this new year.
    Love and joy to all

  13. Thank you and God Bless you all hope you have a wonderful new year

  14. Thank you Maria , feel blessed in the journey by receiving your message .

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