I have been awe, these last 2 or 3 years, at the way my earthly family has changed since Guru found me and guided me to Ananda. It is fascinating to watch the power of divine magnetism unfold and manifest Its profound effects, and quickly!

One by one, close family members are coming round to accepting the philosophy and teachings of Yoga. Immersing myself wholeheartedly into the teachings and practice of Yoga, by default of universal law, are the vibrations of those around me changing. As Guru works His magic through me, do I become a progressive channel through which His energy flows.

We find that a weaker vibration will always entrain to the stronger, therefore the stronger the vibration coming through me the better for those in proximity. As Paramhansa Yogananda says, a magnetised piece of iron will entrain a non magnetised piece nearby into allignment with it. Unfortunately, magnetism is not always positively uplifting. A negative person/environment can exert a lowering effect on ones vibration if it is a strong enough force, hence the importance of a spiritually uplifting environment.

My daughter, Nicola, was first to come into line with my/Guru’s vibration. She was born knowing more than I, yet she had not yet discovered a way forward with her intuitions. It was not long after my launch into Yoga that she was strongly drawn to Ananda and Yoganandaji. We took Kriya initation together, which was a wonderful blessing. It has been such a comfort having a daughter who understands. My son, Matthew, thought we were bonkers, yet even he has come round to accepting our way of life over the last year or so, even though at this time he cannot fully embrace it, but he did ask me to channel him healing the other day, of his own volition!

A little while later Nicola’s power as a channel for the Light became evident as her husband, Ben, began showing interest in Yoga and he would just love to talk about this path when he came to visit. He has now taken his vow of Discipleship and is ready for Kriya initiation.

Then was my husband Michael’s turn. This, to me, is living proof that living with someone on this path cannot help but to entrain the partner, to a degree, to one’s own vibration (without any effort except to ones own practice!). Readers of past blogs may remember our journies to the Ananda centres in Pune, India and Assisi, Italy and the profound effect the people, the environment, and particularly Swami Kriyananda, had on Michael’s consciousness. He is now slowly opening to the teachings and is progressing forward at his own pace, so much so that we have made a pivotal life choice to leave the Isle of Man and join the Ananda community in Pune, next year!

And the pull of magnetism hasn’t stopped with family members. Friends and work colleagues have come on board in varying degrees. It was for this reason that I was practically cornered into beginning a meditation group; something I had resisted for quite a while. It is plain to see the power of magnetism working through two dear friends and gurubhais also at this time in the US. Their spouses, too, have moved toward Yoganandaji’s teachings. Isn’t Guru power amazing?

We need do absolutely nothing, other than to stand in our own light and follow our Masters’ and Swamiji’s teachings to the best of our ability. Of course, it must be said that none of these changes would have happened had these people not been karmically ready, which explains why some people do not seem susceptable to change. I remember discussing this with Swamiji earlier in the year. He told me he was envious of how my family were walking with me, as his could not.

I thank Divine Mother for the blessings upon my family and friends, and for the magnetism She is manifesting through me in the form of creative writing to reach far beyond the sphere of my personal contacts to a much larger spritual family (see previous blog, How it Came to Be, “Touching Soul”). Nicola, too, is spreading Guru’s vibration by expressing the Divine through creative writing. She has written a very short piece that we would both like to share with you here:

People think that I don’t date, but I do. My friends feel sorry for me, I think, or maybe that I’ve turned boring. Often at the end of a work day someone will try to persuade me to come out for a drink ( “Just a couple, you don’t have to stay out all night..”) or to visit someone’s house, or to go to a party, but I always tell them no. Because there is no way I am going to miss my date.

I don’t tell my friends about him. They wouldn’t understand – you know? He lies far, far outside of their box of acceptance. He’s not exactly human, you see. Not always, anyway. He’s not always a ‘he’, either, come to think of it. But he is for me, most of the time. A ‘he’, I mean. It would be hard to explain to my friends.

He can keep really odd hours, too. He’ll be here in the evening, sometimes until very late, until I go to bed. The thing is – I’m not sure he leaves me, even then. I know he’s sent me dreams before. Then he’s back again in the early morn, dragging me out of bed when decent ladies and gentlemen will still be safe in their duvet dens for another two or three hours. It’s not always pleasant to be woken up like that, but I don’t mind, really. His company is the best part of my day.

Some days I don’t see him. Or, rather, can’t see him. The door to my apartment has a tricky lock, you see. There is a knack to opening it and sometimes I just can’t seem to do it. On those days I get irritable, angry, upset. I can’t concentrate at work. I know he’s waiting on the other side of the door for me to let him in, but it just doesn’t happen. I feel lonely and guilty at the same time. Why doesn’t he come through the window, then? Or even phone me?

I’ve already mentioned he’s not exactly human. Our rules don’t apply to him. I need to let him in, he doesn’t find a way in by himself. He generally has no use for phones. Despite all this he cares for me very much and I’ve known him to break his own rules for that reason. There have been a couple of moments in my life when I have felt so low, so full of despair, as to be close to giving it all up. All I could do was curl up on the living room floor, eyes shut, face in hands, not moving. Both times he broke down my door, even though the lock was stuck, lifted me up with gentle arms and just held me until all I could feel was his love.

He’s helping me to mend the lock on my door. I can’t afford to pay a man to fix it, so it’s me and him – and he’s not always human, remember. But his support means everything and I’m confident now that it will be completely mended very soon. When that happens never again will I accidentally shut him out.

I could never stand him up to go out with my friends. Not even for one night. My friends don’t know this. They think I don’t date. But I do. – Nicola Swann, Twickenham, England

Joy to you




  1. Thank you, Maitreyi! Thank you, Nicola! What joyful inspirations!

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