The past month has held many many wonderful musical events: The two school concerts (including the High School’s breathtaking presentation of Handel’s Messiah), World Brotherhood Day, our Ananda Christmas Concert (when my baton flew in a 30 foot graceful arc while conducting the Halleluiah Chorus), our Christmas Sunday Service, our Christmas Eve crèche program, and then Master’s Birthday celebration.

With all the wonderful events behind us, our choir began its first steps in recording the first of many CDs to come. Our usual emphasis is on performing, so this will be a new direction for the choir.

We spent the entire 90 minute session on one song (not unusual for an amateur group such as ourselves), focusing anew on diction, blend, and intonation. One of the things that came very easily, however, was the presentation of Swami’s inspiration, which I’m hoping you can sense from the MP3 below. We might be a choir of untrained voices, but I haven’t found a choir that can present inspiration with such ease and power.

The vibration of the music stayed with me the entire night, and Wednesday morning dawned with a renewed sense of love and peace in my heart, which I’m sure came from the immersion into the song “Life Is a Dream” (click on the player below to listen).

I’ll keep posting the songs as we do them, to keep you abreast of our progress!

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