This letter with news about The Answer, the movie about the life of Swami Kriyananda, is written by producer Kaveeta Oberoi Kaul.

The Answer launches at Cannes

Kaveeta (third from left) with the Indian ambassador to France (second from right) and others, holding the newly launched website for The Answer.

Dear Friends,

The first outing for The Answer needed to be showcased grandly. Cannes, considered the numero uno in the festival hierarchy, was our first obvious choice. Considering that it attracts the creme de la creme of films from across the globe, in that milieu, to create an awareness, presence and a buzz for our film, was challenging. But we, as usual, comforted ourselves with the thought, that we alone can achieve little. But He through us can achieve anything.

It seemed no small coincidence that Swami Kriyananda’s birthday weekend would occur while we were there. He needed to be commemorated with love devotion and honor. The idea that struck us and took root was that our first trailer and website must be launched then. And by someone who was worthy of doing it, not just any celebrity whose credentials arent well begotten. The Gurus, it seemed, were keen to celebrate Swamiji’s birthday too with all of their love. Events proved thus.

To cut a long story short, none other than His Excellency the Indian Ambassador to France Mr. Arun Kumar Singh most kindly agreed to launch the website and the trailer on May 17th. It was a joyful, well received event with other dignitaries present to mark the occasion. Alongside, we managed to get a wall dedicated to the larger than life size posters where with great interest cinephiles from all over the world saw the images of our movie. Thousands of postcards carrying our poster designs and a brief note of the film on the reverse were distributed meaningfully. Our promos then played regularly in a loop at the India Pavilon and the CII. Press kits designed with a DVD case especially made to fit in a booklet of details on the movie were given to important delegates. All of the above, coupled with two strategically placed full page ads in the most important dailies in Cannes, namely Screen and The Hollywood Reporter, seemed to have hit the mark and soon The Answer was “a new eagerly awaited film.”

Presently we are into post production, with special effects underway. Our film should be ready in all respects by September, which is when we will chalk out further plans on distribution, exhibition, with important headway already made at Cannes in our meetings with international experts.

To know more about the film, to see the trailer and artworks, you can visit our website: The Answer Movie.

Swamiji said, “I think this movie is a priceless legacy, worthy of being treasured in all ages.” We need to manifest this and need your prayers to do so. We are extremely grateful to all those who have constantly encouraged, supported and blessed this initiative, which was so close to Swamijis heart. Let us all believe ourselves to be in His circle of Light and Love, carrying out our assigned work.

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