img_3427.jpgAs you can tell from Ananda’s homepage, we had a wonderful Winter Renewal Week, with Divine Mother’s added gift of snow. It began snowing Monday morning, and I was amazed to see how many people braved the weather to come to the classes.

On Wednesday evening, it snowed about 4 or 5 inches within an hour, and I was able to make it to the Expanding Light that evening on the back of a pick up truck, gazing upward at the snow covered trees – it was simply magical. We led an Ananda Music Sing-along evening with 30-40 people, going tremendously deep into the powerful vibrations of the music.


On Thursday morning we were treated to a stunningly clear morning, and Madhavi and I were able to take these few pictures of the sun and snow. img_34321.jpg

I could feel the effects of being surrounded by devotees going deeper in God all week, and was especially thrilled to be able to wake up earlier than normal to meditate, even before Caitlin awoke! img_34641.jpg

Our Concert of Divine Love was on Saturday evening, and the Expanding Light temple was filled to capacity. It was a very special concert filled with devotional music. 01-what-is-love.mp3
Here is a recording of What Is Love?, and you can listen to more tracks on Ananda’s website.img_3440.jpg


  1. Wow,

    what great pictures of the snow! Sounds like a wonderful week, and I am grateful to all of you for sharing the inspiration.

    -J.S.B., Grand Junction, CO

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