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Why Do We Celebrate Christmas?

What is the reason for the season? Nayaswami Ananta: We celebrate Christmas really based on two factors. Of course, the Old Testament leads us toward Christmas with the promise of the Messiah, and all throughout the Old Testament this comes to Christmas. The winter solstice is right around Christmas. I have heard that the date of Christmas was moved or … Read More

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The Reasons I Need a Guru

Having a guru is the greatest blessing in the three worlds — causal, astral, physical.  - Adi Shankaracharya The concept of a guru or teacher was well established in my mind throughout my childhood. In India, every teacher is called a guru — whether one teaches painting or the path to finding God. At the age of four, I wanted to learn dance and was … Read More

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Devotion to Your Practice

Devotion is an essential ingredient of one’s meditation practice. It sparks the initiative to meditate, sustains our practice, inspires depth in our practice, and magnetizes God’s response. I like to think of it as the language of Love between Guru and disciple. Devotion is not a commonly used word in the West but, in fact, we express our devotion in … Read More

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Drawing Power From Pictures

Webinar with Baraquiel, based on Swami Kriyananda’s book “Conversations with Yogananda”. www.anandaindia.org

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How Yogananda Saw Divine Mother

Watch this beautiful story shared by Nayaswami Maria during her Sunday Service at at Ananda Village. Transcript Nayaswami Maria: But Yogananda didn’t… he didn’t speak of a particular form. He said he was once out in the desert in Southern California near Palm Springs and he would have walked up into the canyon there and and he sat down and … Read More

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Gifts of the Magi

In a recent seclusion, this one in a little bungalow below the Ananda monastery, I felt especially close to Christ and our line of Masters. Occasionally footsteps could be heard approaching, then receding— outside the door I would find food, and an aura of kindness, self-offering and divine friendship so palpable that tears would come to my eyes. Into my … Read More