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Personal Transformations, Yoga Postures

Confessions of a Closet Ananda Yoga® Teacher

“I Am a Skeptic…” Like all Ananda Yoga Teacher Training graduates, I was asked to write an evaluation of the course. My comments were eventually published in a subsequent Expanding Light program guide (right underneath a photo of Lisa Powers demonstrating “Garudasana arms”) They began: “I am a skeptic…” Although I was not deliberately trying to be provocative, I think … Read More

Personal Transformations, Short Stories, Unique Teaching Experiences

Inspiration for Your Teaching

Short Stories Returning to Yoga after a Back Injury Ananda Yoga Goes to the Movies Holding to Your Ideals The Joy of Teaching Meditation Big Yoga, Small Town Growth on All Levels “Left and Right and All Around”: Yoga in a Restaurant, in a Gym, and in the Bible Belt “This is Why I Come to Yoga!” My Experience of … Read More

Personal Transformations, Yoga Postures

Insights Into Truthfulness

Teaching yoga is such a wonderful way to deepen the understanding that we are all divine. One way I’ve come to see this more and more is through teaching three sections of a 15-week, three-credit yoga class at Frederick Community College in Frederick, Maryland. I’d like to share with you some of the inspiration that I’ve felt in doing this. … Read More

Personal Transformations, Yoga Postures

Relax and Feel

Getting “The Feeling” The thing that kept me coming back to Hatha Yoga during my eight years of on-again-off-again practice was “the feeling.” I felt something when I practiced, and I didn’t feel it when I didn’t. But what was I feeling? It felt like a summer breeze. It felt like getting out of the shower after having been in … Read More