O Christ—Thou rarest flower of hearts—Thou didst sail the storm‐tossed lake of prejudiced minds. Its evil‐scented, gloomy thought‐waves lashed Thy lily‐tender soul. They crucified Thee with their evil. Yet didst Thou shed on them the aroma of goodness and forgiveness, and help them to be purified by remorse to make them attractively sweet‐scented with Thine all‐loving Soul‐Flower.

O Thou Great Lover of all error‐torn brothers, an unseen monument of the mightiest miracle of love was established in every heart when the magic of Thy voice uttered: “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

Thou hast healed the cataract of hatred. We have now grown to see Thy truth: “Love thine enemies as thyself, for they are thy brothers—though sick and sleeping.”

Thou hast taught us not to increase their fevered blows of hatred with the bludgeons of revenge. Thine undying sympathy has inspired us to heal our brothers, suffering in their delirium of anger, with the soothing salve of divine forgiveness.

Thy crucifixion reminds us of the daily crucifixion of our own fortitude by trials, of our wisdom by ignorance, of our self
control by the scathing touch of temptation, and of our love by misunderstanding.

Thy test on the cross proved the victory of Divine Wisdom over ignorance, of Thy divine soul over flesh, of Thy happiness over pain, and of Thy love over hatred. So are we heartened to bear our own crosses bravely and with faith.

Teach us, when we are crucified by harshness, to pour out only sweetness; to bear with calmness the assaults of worry; and to give understanding unceasingly to those who unjustly hate us.

O Shepherd of Souls, wandering hearts are seeking of themselves the one fold of divine devotion. We have heard the ever‐calling music of Thy infinite kindness. Our one desire is to find our home in Thee, to receive the Cosmic Father with the joyous, open eyes of wisdom, and to know that all of us are sons of our own One God.

Teach us to conquer the Satan of dividing selfishness, which prevents the gathering of all our brother‐souls into the one fold of Spirit.

Calling to one another by the watchword: “Love him who loves you, and love all who love you not,” let us rally beneath the canopy of the universal oneness of the Christ. Amen.


26. Come to Me, O Krishna, as the Divine Cowherd