(Nayaswami Jyotish and Nayaswami Devi received this prayer from a European devotee, and thought to share it with our worldwide family in honor of Babaji Commemoration Day, celebrated each year on Janmashtami, Krishna’s birthday, which falls this year on August 11.)

Babaji Krishna Painting by Yogananda's brother GoshBabaji-Krishna, beloved deathless Master, in this time of great planetary transition, we beseech you, receive our prayers.

Babaji, we pray for the cleansing, purification, and sanctification of body, mind, and soul of all who have chosen to incarnate on planet earth, past, present, and forever.

Babaji, we ask that you place your healing hands on the disfigured shoulders of our human egos and help us to break the chains of material consciousness that keep us ignorantly bound to the delusions of Kali Yuga. (1)

Babaji, inspire us to forsake wars, race hatred, religious sectarianism, and the boomerang evils of materialism. (1)

Babaji, clear our minds of dogmatic, theological debris that the window of our souls may be open to the fresh, healing waters of direct perception. Help us to draw to ourselves God’s active inner guidance, for as Lahiri Mahasaya proclaimed, the Divine Voice has the answer to every dilemma of life. (2)

Babaji, help us to fully establish our souls on the altar of cosmic spirit, that our consciousness may be elevated to fully meet the opportunities of Dwapara Yuga, bringing us steadfastly into this ascending age of energy. (3)

Babaji, attune our consciousness to your all-knowing, pervasive consciousness, that we may wholeheartedly receive the vibrations of redemption sent out by you and Christ. (1)

Babaji, inspire our lives as devotees, that our aspirations for God-realization serve as a call to all potential Kriya Yogis from every part of the globe. We pray that the efforts of our unified, faithful practice may magnetize and uplift individuals and the collective consciousness of the planet.

Babaji, from the example of our balanced lives, may a new sweet breath of divine hope penetrate the arid hearts of all who are worldly minded. (3)

Babaji, bless us, that by the single shaft of our light the gathering gloom of ages, nurtured in the dark corners of human minds, be put to flight. Through thy grace, even one sudden flash of wisdom will dispel the accumulations of dark error, though it lasted countless millions of years. (4)

Babaji, may the divine light awaken and purify our hearts and bring enlightenment to all beings. (5)

Babaji, these things we pray in your name, that your plan for the salvation of this age be made manifest in part through us, your loving and devoted chelas on the path to Self-realization. (1)

In all things, may God’s will be done.

Aum, Peace, Amen.

This prayer is both original text and a compilation of Master’s and Swamiji’s words with references as follows:

(1) AOY Chapter 33 “Babaji, Yogi-Christ of Modern India”

(2) AYO Chapter 35 “The Christlike Life of Lahiri Mahasaya”

(3) AYO Chapter 34 “Materializing a Palace in the Himalayas”

(4) WFE “May the Niagara of my Joys Inundate all Hearts”

(5) PAS

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  1. Babaji please help me to leave a better life, a good life and work on my spiritual life. Good things of life will locate me in my daily life. Amen….

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