Dear Friends,
We send our loving thoughts to you all. We’ve been having a wonderful time, with a very full schedule of classes and meetings with different groups and individuals. Ananda Assisi is doing remarkable work here in Europe, especially during these times of political and economic instability. People from all over the continent and from Russia come to receive Master’s teachings and bathe in the peace.

All of the Italian pilgrims who visited the Village for the celebrations for our 50th Anniversary have expressed deep gratitude for the inspiration they received at that time. Many have told us that it was a life-changing and unforgettable experience for them.

Last week we were part of a course called, “The Way of the Spiritual Warrior,” drawing from Master’s explanation of the Bhagavad Gita. The weekend was focused on Kriya Initiations, and we took part in ceremonies for the first and second Kriyas.

On Saturday night the first initiation had nearly two hundred people. Thirty minutes before the ceremony was about to begin, a tremendous thunderstorm hit with heavy rain, hail, and thunder resonating throughout the temple. The power went out, and Anand had to quickly switch on the generator. Those walking to the temple were completely drenched. (It actually was thrilling.) Then as the ceremony began, the storm slowly abated, and by the end when we walked home, there were deep red clouds in the sky, and it was calm and quiet. Quite a drama!

This week is called “Kriya Renaissance” and is only for Kriyabans with a wide variety of classes and technique reviews. It’s very inspiring working with the team of dedicated teachers here, and to enjoy the process of translations in different languages.

Narayan and Dharmadevi have done amazingly well despite his being on crutches. They’ve been able to attend everything, given some great classes, and made many new friends. It’s been wonderful to have them here.

This year our time in Assisi is shorter, because there is so much happening in India with the Institute and other new developments. We need to get there and get started. We’ll be leaving on Tuesday, Sept. 3, and will spend a few days outside of Rome at a little seaside town with a group of friends: Kirtani, Anand, Shivani, Arjuna, Uma, Narya, Laura, Arudra, Mahiya, Narayan, and Dharmadevi. Then we’ll fly to India on Friday, Sept. 6. There more adventures await.

Thank you for all your prayers. Truly your prayers and Master’s and Swamiji’s blessings are what keeps us going.

In their love,
Jyotish and Devi

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