HuggingA few days ago we received a letter from a young man who’s currently going through a painful separation. We were so touched by it that we wanted to share it with you in his own words:

On Thursday I went to check out a little apartment in the hills of Newcastle [California]. I drove my bike out a long winding road surrounded by green, rolling hills and horse pastures. When I arrived at the address, there was a long driveway lined with tall, evenly spaced eucalyptus trees on either side. Totally beautiful!

I pulled up to the house and parked. Well, here goes…normal life routine…as I walk up to the door with tattoos from the top of my head down to my feet. Now I get to try to convince these people that I’m not really as bad as I look.

I’m met at the door by a sweet little old lady with a big smile, and she takes me around back to see the apartment. As we walk I explain to her that my catch is that I have two young children who stay with me on weekends. She pauses and says, “You know, we have so many creeks on the property that I would be worried about the liability issues with those two, but I will show you the place anyway.” She asks what my kids’ names are, and I tell her—Major and Lincoln. “Those are beautiful names,” she says.

I check out the place. It’s tiny with a shag carpet, and I know it really isn’t what I’m looking for anyway. She asks, “Do you have them every single weekend?” “Yep, I do,” I say.

“Well,” she says, “I’m really proud of you. A lot of single dads aren’t there for their kids like that.” I tell her I’m really trying to find a place that has somewhere nice for them to play outside, and we talk on for a while more.

Then she stops and looks at me with her big shining, green eyes. “You know, I can tell just by talking to you that you are a really good person, and you really love your kids,” she says. I step back and say, “Thank you. I am a good person, and I really do love them with all that I have. It’s been a rough year, but I’m trying my best to get things back on track.”

“Oh,” she says, “Now you’re going to make me cry,” which she then does. Then I start crying, and there I am in the middle of nowhere, hugging a complete stranger, and we’re just sobbing our eyes out together. We stood there just feeling the power of life and our tiny place in it.

Then I walked back to my bike and put my helmet on. She followed me out and asked if she could say a prayer for me. Currently I’m not in any position to turn down help, so I told her, “Sure.” She asked God to look out for me, my children, and their mother and to help us find our way. She asked for the angels to protect us and keep us safe. HEAVY!

I told her that she was one of the sweetest people I have ever come across, and that I will never in my entire life forget her. She gave me another big hug, and we both started to cry all over again. I got on my bike and drove down through the eucalyptus trees with tears streaming down my face. Humanity is such a powerful thing.

May we all be angels for those in need.

With love,
Nayaswami Jyotish and Nayaswami Devi


  1. Wow! Such a touching story! It’s so neat to read positive and inspiring stories these days!

  2. Thank you so much, great souls, for sharing your love and friendship with us all through your blog posts. I am so touched by this story, and realize that it is up to me to act as a channel for Divine Mother with friends and strangers alike.

  3. Thank you for that beautiful story ! It brought tears to my eyes as well (I also am going through a fairly recent separation so it was perfect for me). God can come to us in so many different ways — it’s very beautiful …… AUM

  4. How beautiful!!!
    God is there for us and our children.
    love, hassi

  5. Wow…this story made ME cry! So powerful, thank you. I just got hired at a wonderful Montessori school to be a full time teacher…something I have wanted very much. When I showed up for the orientation the first day, the principal came up and gave me a big hug like we were long lost friends. Maybe we were from a past life! So…hugging a stranger…can be a very good thing…and really, ARE there any true strangers out there? Didn’t Swami once say that, at some time in our infinite incarnations, we have known virtually everyone on this earth!? What a blessing to be able to share the love we have in our hearts!

  6. I am touched by this simple act of kindness and love. Thank God for all the angels on earth that help each and everyone of us navigate through challenging times in our lives. Jai Guru!

  7. This is lovely. May we all learn to act lovingly as this lady did. And may we all be open to receive love when it is offered, as this sweet young man did. Imagine how the world will change as more and more people figure it out.

  8. Excellent, a heartfelt experience by one in need of support.

  9. Thank you for your continued uplifting messages

  10. Oh Devi,
    The tears are pouring down my face too…
    So much beauty and compassion…we need this every day and every where!
    I am so inspired, I’m going out NOW to hug a stranger!!!
    Thank you for sharing this!
    ~~~Peace, Josette

  11. thank you so much ,we all want love ,but to get it ,we must give it too

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