Earlier this week we were having lunch with a group of friends, and the conversation took an interesting turn. The seven of us passed around the question, “When did you begin to know what you were supposed to do in this life? Why were you born?”

For me, I knew early on that I was supposed to be a teacher. My subliminal thoughts often muse about how to explain a concept or principle to others, and I tend to think in terms of analogies and examples that can be shared. When they asked about my paintings, I answered that I try to capture astral energies and share them through images and color. I also recognized that from youth I was usually the leader of whatever group I was in. This just seemed to be the natural order of things and not a cause for any pride or surprise.

For Devi, it was always natural to listen with an open heart and supportive energy. When she was a child, strangers would sometimes come up to her and talk about their problems. Even adults confided in her and, at the time, it was a bit unsettling. This quality of compassion and intuitive understanding has grown stronger over the years, and I often see her connect with a total stranger as if with an old friend.

Another friend at the table knew that she should be a dancer and is helping people understand how dance can produce higher consciousness. Yet another had a clear sense that he was born to help create communities. As we went around the table, each person had a clear idea of what they came into this life to do and to learn.

Everyone shares a cosmic purpose in life—to realize God—but our individual karma steers us along a particular route to that goal. Many children know quite clearly their lifes direction and purpose, while for others their deeper spiritual nature emerges only when they reach young adulthood.

Try this: Toward the end of your next meditation, when your mind is calm and your intuition open, ask yourself, “What did I come into this life to accomplish? What qualities did I bring that will help me with my life’s goal?” When an answer comes, try to clarify your next steps toward that end. Then ask God and Gurus for their blessings and support. This incarnation is a precious opportunity, more so when our daily actions are in tune with our life’s purpose.

In joy,
Nayaswami Jyotish


  1. Dear Nayaswami Jyotish,
    Thank you for the article. I shall do it in my next mediation. God & Guru please bless us

  2. Thank you, Jyotish. This is a wonderful suggestion!

  3. Jesus and Guru give me messages to deliver. My life is never dull. I felt alone in my task until I visited Ananda in Palo Alto and met others like me.

  4. Thank you, Jyotish & Devi, for taking the time to write these brief blogs of inspiration.

  5. Dear Jyotish, this is a painting of yours, isn’t it? It is very beautiful. This comes as a surprise and a revelation to me but I would like to tell you that painting is part of your ministry. I didn’t know that a painting could be a ministry or a sermon, so to speak. I didn’t really understand that well until now why you took the time and had all that patience to paint. It wouldn’t be a bad thing for this painting to be hanging up somewhere at the Expanding Light as one of the things guests see there. I like the experience and the feeling this painting transmits to the viewer. This may sound odd, but the thought comes that walls are commandments but trees are guidelines. Thank you for sharing your painting.

  6. Sri Jyotish, this is a wonderful share. It has a personal touch but takes us to the deeper
    purpose in each of our lives.
    I was about 6 when I realized I wanted to find a way to help people.
    So even when I was very sick myself, often I would reflect that I wanted to take this experience
    and help others in their pain.
    By God and Gurus Grace this has come to pass. I no longer shut the door on the past, but am able to use it as a catalyst to help others not only understand but have Hope and from there Faith, from their own experience.
    Master Bless you dear friend!

  7. Jai ma! Such a lovely painting!so..soothing. and so are your’s and deviji’s thoughts.thank you.

  8. Thank you again, Jyotish. This reminds me of sister Gyanamata, whose destiny it was to wait until she was in her 50’s before she joined community…the wonder, beauty, and purpose of God’s lila!

  9. Dear nayaswami jyotish,
    This article just comes at a time when I am pondering when will I get to know the real purpose of my life I meditated everyday but am very confused about the way to take, my next step. Sometimes I feel I am just wasting time in my confusion but am scared to get stuck in the wrong work, if I look back I am happy with my progress I pray to god to make me his channel to be anything he wants to do anything he wants, but am not clear of the concrete forward steps. Please guid me guruji

    1. Dearest Nidhi,
      I hope you don’t mind me responding to your response to Sri Jyotishs’ Article.
      But I felt compassion for your state of being.
      For many years I lived in Las Vegas Nv. Working in the Casinos is the antithesis of the direction we are going on the Spiritual Path. About 6 years ago it became clear to me that
      I did not see myself working the rest of my life in this environment. But, it was about 4 more years before I was released. In the meantime Nidhi, I chose to spiritualise the work I was in until Master guided me to the next place. I was reminded by a talk I heard that Master said “where God places you, there God must come!” I thrived and felt useful in the years I served there. Then one day the opportunity came for me to move to the Ananda Village. In 3 months I retired from the Casino and moved to Ananda. Master used to say “Shake up the world until it gives you the work you need”
      So on one hand, we accept what is, but continue to look and listen for the signs to move forward to where He would have us.
      You are very sincere Nidhi, you will be right where you need to be, to be of service to the Work.
      May you relax and feel His Divine Blessings that are ever with you!
      In Them,
      your sister,
      Brahmacharini Brindey

  10. Jyotish,
    Thank you for this very inspiring article and suggestion. It brings clarity to how to approach daily life in a grounded way. Having a goal for this life is an important stepping stone to the ultimate goal of Self- Realization.
    I also enjoyed what you said about bringing astral energies in your paintings. You do just that with your paintings. I agree with John’s comment that your painting is a part of your ministry…just as Swamiji’s music was and is a part of his ministry.
    Thank you both for your continued inspiration through this Touch of Light blog!

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