There is a story of second-grade teacher who asked her students one day to make a drawing of whatever they would like. As she walked through the aisles of desks handing out crayons and paper, the teacher was soon pleased to see that each child eagerly began working on his or her picture.

After some time the teacher’s attention was drawn to one little boy who seemed to be especially engrossed in the project. With pressed lips and furrowed brow, he was coloring on his paper with great intensity. Curious, she walked over to his desk, and asked him, “Jimmy, what are you drawing today?”

Still focused on his picture, he replied without looking up, “I’m drawing a picture of God.”

“But, Jimmy,” the teacher gently remonstrated, “no one knows what God looks like.”

Undeterred, he answered with great confidence, “They will in a minute!”

What Does God Look LikeMaybe Jimmy succeeded in showing the world what God looks like. I’d like to think that he at least came close, but the reality is that it’s hard to capture the image of something as immaterial as God. Though He does appear to sincere seekers in any form they hold dear – their guru, or Krishna, or Christ – God is, in essence, infinite consciousness.

I think we all struggle to understand what that Divine Consciousness must be like so that we can feel a personal connection with Him. Recently I read a selection from Swami Kriyananda’s book, Living Wisely, Living Well, and found it extremely helpful in this regard:

“The secret of God’s consciousness is divine simplicity. We can most nearly approach such simplicity by imagining God as a Person who has nothing to defend, and nothing to promote; who accepts everything as it is; who rejects nothing; who wants nothing from anyone; who sees everything as it is; who sees everything in relation to its eternal, changeless reality; and who waits patiently for us, His creatures, to untangle our psychological kinks and recognize that we belong to Him alone.” (August 4)

This image, though not as tangible as Jimmy’s drawing, for me was powerful and clear: to perceive God’s consciousness based in simplicity that was all-embracing and all-accepting. These were qualities I could understand and try to emulate in my life. But most of all, these were qualities of a Person I could forever trust and love.

With joy,
Nayaswami Devi


  1. God is always near by us when we realize that is sooooooooooo sweet

    1. Nevi, thank you for starting my day with such a lovely image.

  2. Dearest Devi and Jyotish,
    Each Touch of Light email is like God’s love, comfort and encouragement resonating within the heart. Thank you so much! Love and blessings.

  3. In regards to this topic, I am reminded of the following story…
    There was in India a devoted husband who loved his wife very deeply. Another man became infatuated with her. She ran away with her lover, who eventually left her without friends or funds. One day her husband came to see her. He spoke gently. ‘Are you through with this experience? Come home with me, if you are.’ She demurred. ‘I could not think of disgracing you further.’ ‘What do I care about the opinion of society?’ he replied. ‘I love you. The other man loved only your body. I love the real you – your soul. What has happened doesn’t make any difference’. That was real love. The husband wasn’t concerned for his honor; he was thinking only of the welfare of his beloved.

  4. Dear Jyotish & Devi,
    I don’t know how I have missed “A Touch of Light”, but what a blessing it has been to find it today and read all the previous lessons. Of course that is what they are wonderful lessons for all of us on how to find the light in our lives.
    Thank you for always touching me with your light.
    I had not seen the picture of Master in red before. It had a very oriental feel to it which I loved.
    In His love and joy,

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