A farmer was standing completely still amidst the wind-blown wheat in his field, deep in thought. His wife came rushing up, beside herself with grief, crying that their only son had just been killed by a cobra. When her husband made no reply, she blurted out, “You are heartless!”

“Forgive me, but you don’t understand,” the farmer replied. “Last night I dreamt that I was a king with seven sons, who all were bitten by cobras and died. Now I am wondering whether I should grieve for my seven dead sons in that dream, or for my one son who has died in this dream we are dreaming now.”

Our life’s experiences, with all their joys and sorrows, mesmerize us with a sense of their undeniable reality. Yet, in truth, everything is only a thought in the mind of God. Paramhansa Yogananda (who related the story above) explains it this way: “This world seems real to you only because God dreamed you into existence along with His cosmic dream. You are a part of His dream. If, at night, you dream that you bump your head against a wall, you may get an imaginary pain in your head. The moment you awake, however, you realize that there was no wall there to hurt you. The pain you experienced was in your mind, but not in your head!

Wake up to the one Reality, God, and you will see that this earth life is just a show. It is nothing but shadows and light!

“The same is true of this dream you are dreaming now. Wake up to the one Reality, God, and you will see that this earth life is just a show. It is nothing but shadows and light!”

While I was a high school student, I was fortunate to have a wise teacher, Mrs. Gottlieb, for an English literature class. During the second semester, after she had gotten to know us better, she did a remarkable thing. Each of the thirty students in the class received a unique reading list of books for our individual growth and enjoyment. How we delighted in comparing one another’s lists and trying to figure out the particular message for us in every book!

In a small way, this reflects Master’s statement that all of life’s experiences are for our “education and entertainment.” God dreams a particular dream for each of us, and arranges the events in life for our benefit. Though it’s often hard to see in the midst of suffering, His only motive is the deepest love and concern for our welfare and growth.

When we get caught up in the pleasure or pain in life, it’s good to remember that we’re not really in charge of our circumstances. We’re only playing our part in God’s dream—be it one of success or failure; health or sickness; love or rejection. With compassion and wisdom God gives to us the roles we are to play, perfectly designed for what we need to learn in this lifetime.

So try to release the anxiety over what has happened in the past, what choices you need to make now, and what the future holds. Let God take charge of your life, for, in fact, He already has. Try to see, in every person and every event in your life, the Dreamer behind the dream. Behind the light and shadows of life is only one reality: God’s joy.

I’ll close with a selection from one of Master’s most beautiful poems, “When I Am Only a Dream”:

I come to tell you all of Him,
And the way to encase Him in your bosom,
And of the discipline that brings His grace. . . .
And yet when I am only a dream to you,
I will come to remind you that you too are naught
But a dream of my Heavenly Beloved;
And when you know you are a dream,
As I know now,
We will be ever awake in Him.

With love and joy,

Nayaswami Devi

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  1. Like reading your stories and articles.
    Very helpful in our spiritual journey.
    Thank you very much 🙏

  2. Dear Devi,
    LOL! Your blogs are always what I need! This is exactly what I needed to hear this morning! Thank you so much!

  3. This is a great Truth. Happy for this refreshment. Bless to everyone!

  4. Dear Nayaswami Devi Ji,

    Thank you for sharing this blog. So lovely! I enjoyed reading it and need to put this into practice.
    The poem at the end was fitting.


  5. As I grow older and review my past I see how God placed me when and where He wanted me to learn things. Even now lessons continue to reveal themselves. Nayaswami Devi, your blog post brings this into sharp focus. It’s necessary for us to remove our ego-identity from experiences. That’s the way to step aside, give God the “keys”, and let Him drive. Aum.

  6. I am in tears and just love you, that’s all. Thank you so much.


  8. This is a great reminder of Divine Mother’s dream that we all participate in. Sometimes it’s really, really challenging, however, for those of us who are in service to the world still, and work in rajasic occupations, to remember this. Not getting caught up in the turmoil out in the world on a global scale is one thing, but not getting caught up in the day-to-day turmoil of clients is (for me) the persistent challenge. I have to remind myself that they are but flickers of light (as I am) from the Divine Candle. Thank you Devi. Blessings to you!

  9. mm

    Devi, thank you for another inspiring blog. It is so helpful for us to remember that God always gives with compassion and wisdom.

  10. Dear Deviji, how blessed to be in this dream with you. Thank you God.

  11. As I read this I want it to sink and sink IN……this helps me accept my life…I appreciate you

  12. O Mother Divine

    I wonder how beautiful your words are!!!!
    It keeps me wondering and gives me joy to think how you weave in your words from sound of Brahma?

    Unite me with thy eternal cosmic sound.

    At thy lotus feet…
    Your Little son

  13. “for our “education and entertainment.”
    This is so true. Is it odd to say, I love my church?Because I do. What a blessing is Ananda.

  14. Thank you dear soul for the needed reminder that this world, that ‘feels’ SO’ real is NOT. Rereading Saviti’s book on “Through the Chakras” and her story of ‘Sabella birdie’s challenge in the 5th chakra pyramid, was a good reminder of this. Also, the story of Narada and bringing back water for his Guru. So easy to get caught. Namaste

  15. Beautifully put together!! It’s so hard to believe that it’s God’s dream we are in

  16. Thanks Nayaswami Devi for your insightful prosaic and poetic satsang. I also start realizing but very gradually that it’s all a dream world but still I am oscillating between dream world and reality. The intrinsic tendency of mind brings up questions and we have to lull it with some satisfactory answers. Unless the seeker touches the reality, it is always a hear say account.

    I very respectfully want to invite your reflection that if it’s a dream world/dream life, then why do we practice ahimsa or why humans limit themselves within forbidden degrees unlike animals. Why do we still worship our gods and are divided and limited within our respective traditions. Whatever our actions, it’s all His dream; then there is no effort required on our part and also, there is no right or wrong. But we still direct God’s dream according to our minds. with to do and not to do.

    I am sorry for making such a bare worded inquiry but I believe that an awakened person, like you, can give his/her reflection to the seekers on how we should look at such questions and remove doubts. .

    With immense 🙏 gratitude.

    1. To answer your question – “I very respectfully want to invite your reflection that if it’s a dream world/dream life, then why do we practice ahimsa” – This is because different religions believe in different Gods – For Muslims it is Allah, for Hindu’s it is Ram, Krishn etc. For Christians, it is Jesus. But all these are avatars of the one and only God – who is an Ocean of eternal bliss. The different avatars appear out of the ocean of eternal bliss and dissolve back into the ocean of eternal bliss.
      There are no different Gods. There is only one God – and he is the ocean of eternal bliss. And that is it 🙏.

  17. Beautiful and very inspiring. and talk of perfect timing !!! thank you dearest Devi Ji. this is exactly what I needed to hear and take deeply within today. Thank you for the audio message too and Master’s quote towards the end ” I am the Prince of Perpetual Peace playing in a drama of sad and happy dreams on the stage of experience”

  18. Hello Devi. I just reread this “Touch” and I am more deeply reminded that “Life is a Dream”. What a challenge…but such loving rewards to be had. Namaste

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