As a lifelong meditator, I love to hear people’s experiences of how meditation has helped them. Here are a few such stories which, taken together, show a broad spectrum of benefits that meditation can bring.

Recently I was talking with a friend, the mother of three children under the age of six, who has begun meditating during the past year. She told me, “Meditation is helping me be a better parent. I’m much calmer when dealing with my three rambunctious kids. I find I’m not reacting as much as I used to, but stay relaxed no matter what’s going on. And I’m able to be stronger in myself and not waver when disciplining them or setting boundaries. All this is really having a positive effect on my kids, as well.”

Last year a young doctor from Delhi told us about the tremendous challenges he and his hospital staff faced during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in India: “At a certain point, we had run out of all supplies—medicine, oxygen, and hospital beds—and were even putting critically ill patients on the floor in the hallways. All we could essentially do was to comfort people as they died.

“One day, after working long hours and witnessing many deaths, I was returning home filled with exhaustion and despair. ‘I can’t go on like this,’ I thought to myself.

“Then I saw a poster announcing a meditation class at an Ananda center near my apartment. I don’t know why, but I signed up and began learning the techniques. Almost immediately, I started to feel inwardly strengthened and renewed. I know it was meditation that gave me the ability to keep going during those difficult times. I’ve continued with my practice and recently received Kriya initiation.”

Once one of Ananda’s senior teachers in India was giving an introductory talk for a course on meditation. After he had finished speaking, the attendees asked a lot of perceptive, interested questions. Then one man stood up, and rather defiantly asked, “You’ve been meditating for many years. Do you have any spiritual powers?”

The teacher paused, then replied quietly, “No, I can’t say that I have any powers.” A general sigh of disappointment could be heard throughout the room.

Then he continued, “Oh, but, I do have one: I have the power to be happy at will.” Another sigh moved through the audience, this time one of appreciation. The teacher concluded with a twinkle in his eye: “I don’t always use this power, but it’s there if I so choose.” Almost all of those present signed up for the course.

In Autobiography of a Yogi, after his experience in cosmic consciousness, Yoganandaji asked his guru, Sri Yukteswar, “When shall I find God?”

Sri Yukteswar replied, “You have found Him.”

“Oh no, sir, I don’t think so!”

Sri Yukteswar went on to say, “I see that you are imagining that the possession of miraculous powers is knowledge of God. One might have the whole universe, and find the Lord elusive still! Spiritual advancement is not measured by one’s outward powers, but only by the depth of his bliss in meditation.

Ever-new Joy is God. He is inexhaustible; as you continue your meditations during the years, He will beguile you with an infinite ingenuity.”

meditation group ananda india yogananda teachings meditation quotes

It’s our job to keep meditating even when our energy flags, or when we begin to wonder if we’re making any spiritual progress.

The benefits of meditation are there to be had by everyone: to deal better with life’s demands and to help others around us; to find inner strength and balance when faced with seemingly overwhelming tests; to discover one’s own ability to be happy under all circumstances; and to find the ever-new joy of God. It’s our job to keep meditating even when our energy flags, or when we begin to wonder if we’re making any spiritual progress.

Yoganandaji, Swami Kriyananda wrote, would often tell his disciples: “If you plant a seed, then keep digging it up to see how it is doing, it will never be able to grow. You must leave it in the ground, and water it daily; then it will surely grow in its own time. So also with the path to God: Plant the seed of divine aspiration; don’t dig it up constantly to see how it is doing, but water it daily with meditation and with divine actions. See also that you surround it with a protective hedge of good company. In time, your little seed will grow into a mighty tree of Self-realization, affording shade and shelter to every passing wayfarer.”

In joyful friendship,

Nayaswami Devi

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  1. Thanks you 🙏for sharing this wonderful story of meditation, I personally agree with this, meditation gives the mental strength and wisdom to deal with all hardships and stay calm in difficult situations.

  2. Thank you Devi!
    I have found this to be so true! I’m so happy I started on this path!

  3. Meditation is truly the pathway to the unlimited Being that we refer to as God. There is no need to seek spiritual powers. Being able to meditate for an hour is already spiritual power enough.
    I express my deepest appreciation for this soooooooo timely reminder !

  4. Thank You! Yes meditation can change ones life for the better! Thank God for Master teaching us all.

  5. Thank you, Devi! My own experience came when I taught a “Meditation for Weight Loss” class at a local fitness center. I hoped my students would find the deeper benefits of meditation. They did. Among them was a woman who told me that the greatest – and most surprising – benefit for her was the transformation of her relationship with her 17-year-old son. Rather than fighting, their relationship became harmonious, with her son reminding her on Wednesdays that it was her Meditation class night. The wonder of meditation at work. It was a blessing for me, too.

  6. Well folks,
    I’ve known Devi for near 45 years and she’s always been the same. Always kind and sweet, caring for others and good at the core of her being. Meditation reveals that core goodness in all of us. I ‘ve had Kriya since 1980 and Advanced Kriyas since 1990. The result of long term consistency is a gradual change and focus to the broader and simpler understanding that we are all here to realize the depth and joy of our own being and how to accurately link that joy to the creator in and beyond the universe. There are no words for this connectedness. It just gradually unfolds…
    One more point. We don’t need to suffer (although we likely will from time to time as we work things out and release old Karma and ways of thinking). What I’m getting to here is that the outer world is wrapped in ignorance and hence , many other lower qualities that come from the Maya (gross ignorance over a whole society). For instance, no Covid or virus need harm anyone. I , and my thousand clients if they wish, can say bye bye to any virus in one to three days with a simple substance called BHT and a bit of use of a frequency generator set to kill viruses in the body. I have defeated Covid and any virus 100 times with this method and so it goes with cancer, heart disease etc. Bye Bye to all of it with simple and natural methods. Sure , consult your Doctor, but better, find a Dr that knows about these things.
    In closing, we can defeat the thousand ignorances of life but more importantly , they tend to dissolve on their own if we meditate and stay mindful of the big picture of the presence of God and Guru in our life.
    Wishing everyone well on this journey . Let’s all increase our expansion in every way and may God bless us all.

  7. God and Guru Bless you dear soul. Part of our nightly prayers remind us of your examples of Divine Discipleship. You have learned to let the ‘seed’ grow, as unheeded as possible and simply? work on improving your knowing. My prayers to Babaji for longer, deeper Guru-given meditation are bearing noticeable fruit. I am grateful for you dear one as a reminder of what my soul really wants. It is often, far too often and so easy to get distracted from the importance of meditation and how it felt when I first started. That reminder grows day by day with a maturity I never could have dreamed was possible. My constant mantra is: “I want ONLY THEE LORD!, Stay safe in your travels and I know you will continue to have Master work thorough you to bless all whom you meet. In Divine Friendship and deepest gratitude, Steve and Julie. Namste

  8. Dear Nayaswami Devi Ji,

    Thank you for this wonderful blog!
    Useful reminder to keep continuing with our Sadhana. Mediation is helping a big time in all aspects of my life.
    Sincere gratitude to Master, Swamiji and our Acharyas guiding us through this path.


  9. Dear Devi ji,
    Thank you so much for your experiences that you heard.This is a motivating message for me to keep going with my sadhana.Meditation really helps me to keep my mind calm and move harmoniously with fellow men

  10. Thank you so much!!! So many Blessings for You and Everyone,-Joy and Peace to You all, and the whole World!

  11. I want to be you
    And I know
    I am you
    I still want to be you

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