We all get glimpses of superconsciousness in our daily life, but deep perceptions of it can really only come to us in the deep stillness of meditation. Properly speaking, meditation truly begins once the thoughts and emotions have been stilled.

It’s a state of intense inward awareness, a state in which one’s attention is no longer engaged in the outward activities of our lives, but is wholly engrossed in the superconscious experience.

Meditation may be loosely defined as any practice of which the goal is super­consciousness. It’s the process of retraining our awareness to operate not from the conscious or subconscious level, but from the superconscious.

The essential attitude for correct meditation is one of listening. The mind must be kept receptive, because we can’t think our way into deep meditation. Nor, indeed, can you think your way to true guidance and inspiration. You can only receive wisdom: You cannot concoct it. A truth must be perceived in that calm awareness which is superconsciousness.

Meditation, then, is not creating answers: It is perceiving, or receiving them. And this is the secret of true guidance.

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