1. Sit erect. Gently tense and relax the whole body.  Calm  yourself. Touch the medulla once, in order to make it easier for you to concentrate on it. Then visualize Cosmic Energy surrounding and entering the body through the medulla, then going to the point between the eyebrows, and into the spine.

  2. Feel the energy flowing down the length of your arms into the hands. Continue tensing and relaxing. Feel the life force flow from the medulla and the point between the eyebrows, through the spine to the hands.

  3. After tensing and relaxing, firmly rub the bare left arm with the palm of your right hand. Do the same to the right arm with the left palm.

  4. Relax. Visualize the Cosmic Energy descending from the medulla into your arms and hands. Now, with your eyes closed, rapidly rub your palms together about twenty times.

  5. Separate the hands and lift the arms upward. Feel the life current flowing from the medulla into the spine, through both arms and hands, with a pricking, tingling sensation.

  6. Visualize your patient. Broadcast the healing force by moving your hands, electrified by the Cosmic Energy, up and down, willing the healing current to pass into your patient.

Do this in a quiet room for fifteen minutes, or until you feel that you have accomplished your task.